Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva Loves UsedGymEquipment.com!

Wanderlei Silva Buys Our Gym Equipment!


The New Wanderlei Silva 10,000 sq ft. MMA Wand Fight Team Training Camp; Conditioning Center recently opened in Las Vegas Nevada. This brand-new, world-class facility is on Dean Martin Rd. in the fight sport capital of the world.

So ‘chalk’ up another WIN for The Used Gym Equipment Company.

Like we have talked about in our other Blog articles these MMA Superstars are good businessmen. Anyone can waste capital when they open a new business. But the smart guys do their research and find “Just Like Brand New” fitness equipment at a gigantic savings. And use this savings to help grow their new business.

When Wanderlei Silva took a tour of our facility, he was a little hard to understand because of his accent. But he was sharp. He was on top of every decision in his business.

Now just like Big John McCarthy, Randy Couture, and Tiki Ghosn. Wanderlei Silva is added to the list of successful MMA fighters turned businessmen and happy customers of UsedGymEquipment.com

And The Used Gym Equipment Company loves watching the MMA fights live on pay-per-view.