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How to Design a Senior Fitness Center: 5 Steps to Happy and Healthy Residents

Designing a fitness center for seniors within a living community is a fantastic way to support their well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle. This amenity is also a great way to attract more residents and improve your current resident’s satisfaction. While designing a fitness center can be difficult, our team has broken it down into […]

Fitness Industry Growth in Qatar

Corporate Wellness

The gym business in Qatar is booming. From 2006 to 2012, the fitness industry grew by a whopping 34.4%! This Middle East nation is catching on to health and wellness trends and implementing them to suit the local culture. Exercising is on the rise for the following reasons. 1. Disposable Income  With just 2.6 million […]

Gym Attendance in Saudi Arabia

The gym industry in Saudi Arabia is part of the growing trend towards fitness in the Middle East. Fitness services like classic gyms, personal training studios and group exercise studios have seen double digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increases from the years 2012-2017. There are many factors contributing towards these gains. 1. Population Growth […]

Changing Trends in Hotel Fitness Centers

Hotels are increasingly being geared toward an upgraded “at home” experience.  Hotel stays are now meant to have all the comforts of home with the increased amenities that a hotel has to offer.  With health and wellness being a large part of both business and leisure travelers’ routines, hotels are taking notice and keeping up […]

How and Why to Build A Corporate Gym

Corporate gyms may boost employee performance. Survey findings presented before the American College of Sports Medicine’s 52nd Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, revealed that workers who used their company gym were more productive and could get along better with colleagues during days that they exercised at their company gym. The said survey was conducted to […]

How Important Is Preventive Maintenance?

How Important Is Preventive Maintenance? Also called preventative maintenance, preventive maintenance is a scheduled maintenance action, on new or used gym equipment, and it includes several processes, such as visual inspection, lubrication, electrical test and the operational inspection of the machines, if necessary. Its main purpose is to find worn or damaged parts before the […]

What Are Free Weights?

What Are Free Weights? Categorized as any type of resistance training equipment with which a trainee’s range of motion isn’t limited, free weights are beneficial for fitness seekers looking to build balance, flexibility, speed and strength; who are coming from all levels of experience, provided they train with the correc. They should, therefore, understand the […]

Common Fitness Mistakes

 Common Fitness Mistakes You’ve been training for a couple of months now, and you are yet to see the results from your efforts in fitness. Unsatisfied, you ask, “What could possibly be wrong?” Whether you’re aware or not, you might be committing the common fitness errors (standing in your own way to your fitness goals) […]

The New Year’s Resolution Rush Looms – Prepare your Gym Today!

January 1st is almost here. For most people, that means it’s time to buckle down on those New Year’s resolutions. Most of these would-be lifestyle changes involve achieving greater fitness or losing weight – so for gym owners, another calendar year usually translates into more customers (at least for a while). Most New Year’s resolutions […]