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Fitness Centers and Wellness in Multi Family Residential Complexes

In the past, gyms may have been a line item on a to do list for developers and property managers of residential complexes. With the rise in health and wellness trends, people are looking for a fitness center amenity that is well thought out and catered to their needs. In fact, 55% of possible residents […]

Changing Trends in Hotel Fitness Centers

Hotels are increasingly being geared toward an upgraded “at home” experience.  Hotel stays are now meant to have all the comforts of home with the increased amenities that a hotel has to offer.  With health and wellness being a large part of both business and leisure travelers’ routines, hotels are taking notice and keeping up […]

Changing Wellness Trends in Office Building Amenity Offerings

As millennials make up more of the workforce, there is a greater reflection of their lifestyle on office environments. Current work demands include longer hours, efficient productivity and employee teamwork. Millennials are looking for amenities and benefits at work that integrate the workplace into their quality of life. The old office style of closed off […]

Selling Gym Memberships: How To Be A Natural

Is your club terrible at selling gym memberships? It’s ok – you’re not alone. Despite your big heart and your passion for helping the community address their fitness and health, selling gym memberships is not about pitching your facilities and pricing alone, there is a lot more to it than that. Chances are, prospects approach […]

The Correct Cardio Ratio: How To Monetize Your Cardio Section Effectively

Are You Using The Correct Cardio Ratio? Do you have enough treadmills and ellipticals? Bikes? How many rowers is too many? Simple questions, all, but questions that could have far reaching impacts on the performance of your fitness business. For most facilities, not only will your cardio section get the highest foot traffic, it is […]

The Humble (but Amazing) Treadmill Beginnings

  The Humble (but Amazing) Treadmill Beginnings You wont believe the history of the treadmill. From prisons to health clubs and home gyms, the treadmill is so ubiquitous that for it to have such a checkered past will leave you beyond confused. Well, if you’re ready to turn back time and get into the bottom […]

Are Your Treadmills Positioned For A Major Injury Lawsuit?

Are Your Treadmills Positioned For A Major Injury Lawsuit? Treadmill injuries and even deaths have been increasing in the news recently. The death of Facebook David Goldberg made national U.S. news after it was reported he died after he slipped on a treadmill and struck his head. A news story that should now be on […]

Top Five Pieces of Gym Equipment in 2014

Top Five Pieces of Gym Equipment in 2014 Being fit means being healthy. With the new year, many people across the globe are resolving to live a healthier lifestyle. And that means buying gym memberships. So if you’re looking to make money by opening a new gym, then it’s wise to remember some of the […]

Star Trac Treadmills For Sale

Star Trac Treadmills For Sale, Star Trac 7600 Treadmills Star Trac treadmills for sale here at never go out of style! Our customers love the Star Trac treadmills, particularly the Star Trac 7600 Treadmills, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the Star Trac 7600 Treadmills are some of the best built and […]