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World famous bodybuilder and fitness guru Hidetada Yamagishi loves! He has been one of our most loyal and happy customers with hundreds of thousands of dollars in gym equipment and fitness equipment purchases.

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Gym equipment for Sale in Japan

Hide loves because we takes used gym equipment and remanufacture it to be as good as new. But then we charge a mere fraction of the original cost! Hide works with many fitness equipment buyers in Japan. He likes to make sure that his clients and friends are getting the best possible gym equipment in Japan. That is why he comes to us at

Hide has bought treadmills for Japan and ellipticals for Japan. And all of his amazing gym equipment is remanufactured to be as good as new. What is more, we can help him ship it internationally with no trouble. That is because has a dedicated Shipping Department with years of experience. We ship to countries all over the globe. We know about customs. We know about weighing and packing containers. And we can help you get great rates on everything.

Hide loves how easy it is to use our services as an international buyer. He also loves our amazing one hundred twenty thousand square foot precision remanufacturing facility. With thousands of machines in stock and ready to ship, he can get what he wants. That means he can come visit us here in Los Angeles and be sure to meet his gym equipment needs.

We love international customers at It is the fastest growing part of our awesome business. That means if you need fitness equipment in Japan, we will do everything we can to make your experience easy and profitable.

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