Brand NEW Rowers and Rowing Machines NOW ON SALE!

Rowers For Sale — Rowing Machines For Sale Cheap! is proud to announce that we now have Rowers and Rowing Machines for sale! Rowers and Rowing Machines are an extremely attractive fitness offering in the current exercise equipment market. With a booming emphasis on health and wellness, it’s easy to see why.

First and foremost, Rowers and Rowing Machines are a great way to get a full body strength and cardio workout all in one simple machine. This includes every major muscle group, from calves and thighs, to glutes, abs, arms — and, of course, the entire back. The back is critical because it’s the area of muscles that most often pains people and needs to be strengthened.

In fact, the most common complaint in terms of chronic pain is lower and upper back pain. This pain usually stems from two common problems: Stiff muscles, and misaligned vertebra. Both conditions are often caused by sitting in office chairs or doing repetitive manual labor for long periods of time. And both can cause serious discomfort.


Chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors often recommend stretching exercises to ameliorate back problems, and Rowers and Rowing Machines are a great way to start. They specifically prescribe a rigorous, daily workout on a rowing machine to lengthen back muscles and increase range of motion.

They also recommend rowers and rowing machines as a means of realigning the spine. Why? Because if you have strong muscles, they’ll hold your spine in proper alignment, which will relieve chronic back pain.

With the huge emphasis on functional fitness these days, it’s crucial that you as a gym or health club owner purchase a number of rowing machines for your gym. It’s currently one of the most sought after items in the fitness industry — and we have tons in stock at great prices.

The Trident AR Rower is our most popular model. And it’s BRAND NEW, so you’re not buying use goods. This machine is so popular because it’s a water-based rowing system.

What does that mean, exactly?


It means that the Trident AR Rower uses a water wheel resistance system, rather than belts and cords. Thus, unlike other rowing machines, the AR Rower provides a steady, flowing resistance the full way through the stroke. This helps create an even, easy workout that can be dialed to any level of resistance.

The Trident AR Rower is also has a rugged, sleek design. With beautiful aluminum railings and rugged, nylon straps, you can be sure this rowing machine will perform well even under heavy usage. Additionally, the patented water dial system is guaranteed to give you the easiest, most customized workout available.