Best Workout Machinery for Functional Training


When you’re designing a Functional Training Gym, you want to be sure you have the best workout machinery available. Whether you’re setting up a home gym or a full-fledged Functional Training studio for clients, we’ve rounded up a list of the essential equipment needed for a thorough and rewarding workout. You may wish to utilize a read-to-go and compete Functional Training package, but if you’re looking to build your gym piece by piece or expand what you already have, check out the best Functional Training machinery:

Multi Purpose Bench

Multi purpose benches are excellent for abdominal workouts, including skull crushers, dumbbell rows, seated shoulder presses, as well as push-ups, squats and more. Benches can be used with power racks and if you choose one that is adjustable the variety of exercises that can be done drastically increases.

Pull Up Rigs and Squat Racks

Rigs and racks offer sturdy and safe structure for a wide variety of Functional Training workouts. Choose one that is well constructed with quality materials and offers a number of adjustable options and can be securely anchored to the foundation or lifting platform.

Plyometric Box/Squat Box

Plyo Boxes » Used Gym Equipment, LLC

A versatile piece of equipment that doesn’t cost much money, Plyo boxes are available in many varieties including wood, metal, adjustable, angled and more. Having a number of different sized boxes can be useful, as they are helpful for box jumps, step-ups, and box squats.

Rowing Machine

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Offering one of the most effective full-body cardio and conditioning exercises possible, rowing machines can be surprisingly affordable compared to other cardio equipment. Choose a sturdy, well-constructed rower that offers smooth and steady motion.

Kettle Bells

The foundation of any great Functional Training gym, kettle bells are utilized in a variety of exercises and offer excellent variety for different levels. Choose a number of different weights for your kettle bells and select quality ones that won’t easily chip or ones with seams that might damage hands.

Let us know in the comment section which Functional Training Machinery you find to be the best for workouts.