Setting Up a New Gym with Refurbished Exercise Equipment


Thinking about starting a new gym? With health club memberships on the rise, many smart entrepreneurs are establishing exercise facilities everywhere – big cities, small towns, even rural areas.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own gym (or are actively in the process), getting off the ground with refurbished exercise equipment is a great way to keep costs low. And for many startup businesses, limiting expenses is often the difference between success and failure. Many gyms have closed within days or weeks of opening – all because stubborn owners insisted on buying new equipment.

Because refurbished exercise machines offer an attractive price, you can build a complete, comprehensive gym for a fraction of the cost that brand-new equipment costs.

Once you’ve created a sound business plan with realistic goals, the major decision is what equipment to include in your gym. If your local community has an abundance of strength-based clubs, perhaps a health club-style cardio configuration would make sense. On the flip side, you can make inroads with a professional weight room, available in different styles and prices to fit your budget.

Many people think that “refurbished” machines will look and function like second-hand equipment. But with a company like Used Gym Equipment, refurbished takes on a whole new meaning. Custom colors (both frame and upholstery finishes), exciting decals, a sophisticated remanufacturing process and fitness know-how can make previously used equipment appear brand-new.

But the bottom line remains the same – your business is dependent on supply and demand. If a passionate, knowledgeable owner offers top-end exercise equipment (supply) to a willing and eager community (demand), customers will keep rolling in. And the key for a would-be gym owner is refurbished equipment (from the right company) that can launch a successful business for much less initial capital than most people realize.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in setting up and establishing a new gym. Expert-level knowledge helps, too. At Used Gym Equipment, we’ve helped hundreds of health clubs, gyms and exercise facilities all over the world. Our sales & service staff can guide you through the process, from initial evaluation to final purchase.

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