Functional Training in Your Gym

Functional Training in Your Gym

Functional training is nothing new, just ask the best functional gyms in and around your area – they’ve been doing it for years.

What’s new is that you’re now looking to build your very own functional gym studio or Group Training area in your current gym because you love the concept of building solid foundations in your and your client’s bodies, not to mention the fact that group training is far more profitable for the gym and affordable for the client.  Below is a quick rundown of the basic ,barebones types of functional equipment you should have in your facilities.

Functional Training Equipment

Fitness seekers and trainees would appreciate using a complete set of functional trainers in your center, and some of them include the following.

Muscle D Dual Adjustable Pulley
Muscle D Dual Adjustable Pulley

The Single Station Functional Training Rig, or Dual Adjustable Pulley as its more commonly called, is the Swiss knife of any functional training gym because it allows multiple training options, including those for the upper, middle and lower body. Here, they can perform chin-ups, pull ups and other muscle up workout. Aside from it, other options include multi gyms and jungle gyms, which can come in various configurations depending on your members training needs and requirements. One of our most popular models are the Muscle D Dual Adjustable Pulleys for the low price and enormous versatility.

There are also climbing ropes, which can offer full body workouts and endurance training as well, but they are not for the faint-hearted. You may also opt for battle ropes, some of the most popular and versatile gym tools around because they bring out the intensity necessary for those fat-burning training sessions. These tops are usually wrapped around an anchor point for letting users do a whipping/circling motion using their arms for making waves, requiring a huge amount of effort to keep the intensity and burn fat.

And then there are medicine balls, which can be used for assisting members in performing a wide range of workouts, including sit-ups and press ups for improving core strength. You can get a few of these for providing your members with excellent functional training, especially if they would be able to combine such for partnered drills or in bodyweight exercises. Our most popular Medicine balls.

Plyometric boxes, which can come in various heights to choose from and can turn simple workouts into more exciting, intense exercises, are another amazing addition to a functional training facility. They can let users perform a variety of jumps for improved sporting performance, endurance, muscle power and fat burning, especially useful for athletes. Apollo Athletics Plyo Boxes.

Then, there are also heavy tires, which aren’t actually very common, but you’ll see some of these in functional gyms, especially those offering outdoor workouts. They can offer a multitude of compound movements for a total body workout and strength development by performing flips, jumps and presses, among other movements.

Kettlebells are also important pieces of equipment because they can provide both functional and practical training styles while at the same time offer body conditioning, especially among athletes.  Using all of the supporting muscle groups to complete the exercise movement. In this case, using them does not only aid in functional improvement but also in developing strength, promoting joint stability and enhancing physical performance. Kettlebells can also promote mobility, prevent injuries and develop motion range.

Aside from these, you need sandbags, which are not just for protecting any land from rising water, but they are also helpful piece of tools in a gym because they can aid when teaching members on how to squat, based on a couple of functional trainers reviews we found. If buying, you must be able to find vinyl options because they are not abrasive to the skin and they can be cleaned easily. You can also equip your gym with boxing equipment that not only helps user in weight loss but also aids in stress relief, as they punch and kick target bags and mitts. If you would get boxing equipment, you must be able to buy some 16-ounce gloves (for drills), heavy striking bag, target mitts (for coach) and shin guards and headgears (for protection during partner drills)

And for keeping members entertained, with blood pumped up and adrenaline rushing, you may need to furnish your gym with a sound system! As you may already know, exercisers stay motivated with good background music while working out. In this case, you may want to equip your gym with good sound system, which can influence the people emotions as well as help them keep a general sense of their well-being.  For best results, you may want to invest on hiring an audio/video specialist, who has experience in installing or setting up the best functional gyms sound systems.  You can also think of investing on acoustic foam treatments, especially in rooms that produce echo and get a good feedback exterminator for circumventing unwanted noise.

Resistance bands and tubing are lightweight, making them easily portable, and versatile, offering a multitude of exercises to trainees of all levels. Because these are versatile pieces, you can include them when completing your arsenal of functional training equipment.  These training bands can be taken outdoors for boot camp classes. Nevertheless, resistance bands and tubing are great for allowing users to achieving their full body workout potential, either when they are traveling or working out on their own.

There you have some of the best functional training tools to equip your fitness center with if you would like to establish a good reputation among your clients, who can be long-term members in your gym that can offer them all the functional training equipment they need.

But if you need help on selecting used functional training equipment, the Used Gym Equipment is the one to contact. We have a multitude of functional training packages to choose from and can offer you a wide range of options, such as selecting a customized package to suit your gym’s needs and member requirements. Our company offers only top-of-the-line gym machines and accessories and we got them all covered for you!

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