Opening A Personal Training Studio

Opening a Personal Training Studio

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), fitness instructors and trainers, in 2012, received a median pay of $31,720/year ($15.25/hr) and generated 267,000 jobs.

Basically, fitness instructors motivate people to train and instruct them how to do so safely, they also can makes custom diet plans tailored for their clients’ goals and needs and are often employed in a gym, at least in the case of a personal trainer without their own facility. Read on for many of the things that personal trainers must consider before opening their own training facility.

Truly, the job demand and outlook for personal trainers is bright, and in fact it consistently rises, as the number of people needing them also increases due to the prevalence of obesity. As published on State of Obesity “Obesity Rates and Trends Overview” – rates of obesity stay high and that puts millions of American at risk for health problems. Severe obesity rates continue to increase, with children becoming obese as early as two and five years of age. And in 2011-2012, over one-third of the adult population (about 34.9 percent) was obese and 68.5 percent was overweight.

Now if you fit into the category of certified trainers looking to establish better personal training fitness jobs, at least for yourself and some of your colleagues, you may consider opening a gym and train your clients in your own space rather than in another commercial or community gym. Because as you build a network of clients and look into earning more money in the process, having a personal training studio, where to offer personal trainer and gym instructor courses, may be what is right for you to experience the different personal trainer gym benefits, including personal recognition, convenience, reputation-building and all. But of course, having all these things said are easier than they done. Check out this guide to help you on some questions to ask before opening a personal studio training center.

Tips for Personal Trainers Contemplating Building a Gym

If you were aiming for a studio ownership, you can take some time learning of these personal training studio tips to start with, and while this is not a comprehensive list at all, at least will help you figure out some of the most important things to consider, including saving heaps of money.

Private Personal Training Facilities
Private Personal Training Facilities

Clarify your fitness flavor or essence. First thing when opening a gym is to develop a philosophy to frame your facility’s structure and training methods, something to distinguish it from others and to help clients understand the options available for them, just in case they select you. So bottom line is to develop your business model or core to create the essence of your personal training studio. A good core philosophy should aim to encourage and inspire people in making small steps towards reaching their fitness and life goals. Inviting them to improve fitness and helping them to get the latest quick fixes for weight management, for instance, could be the core purpose for your facility. Or, perhaps, body building is at the center of all of the practices in your studio.

What services do you want to offer and deliver? Learn a few options, including semi-private, private and group training sessions. Which one are you most likely to offer? But then of course, you can have all of them and more. Perhaps, you can also offer some features, including massage services and Pilates or yoga classes–all up to you. Identifying your services and types of sessions to offers helps you decide what personal trainer gym equipment to furnish your space with. You can also decide on footage or area requirements of your studio as well as on hiring several fitness trainers and staffs.

For instance, hiring a few other personal trainers can make economic sense because they can help you attend to clients, especially if you were up to other business functions and definitely they can attend and get busy in the gym while you were away, letting your business operate smoothly on a day-to-day basis. In this case, you can still bring in revenue even if you were not working. Also, offering special services, including Pilates, reflexology and rehab can be a good option to introduce your clients to developing a well-rounded fitness.

Determine who your target clients or customers are to help you address their core questions and to meet their needs in terms of equipment, staffing and location. Although it is common that you can work with a wide range of clients from a diverse background, so be careful not to specialize so far you alienate your clientele. And speaking of location, you should figure out the best location to serve your clients, as to where they want to train, and to gain as much exposure as possible; high foot traffic areas are a huge plus. And definitely, where is that part of town to build your gym within your budget range. For instance, opening a gym in a high foot traffic location makes an economic sense because it increases your chances of getting in more trainees. Therefore, location should be very accessible to your target clients (e.g. in a business area if you target corporate client) and should be smoothly serving their needs.

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