All-Time Best Gym Equipment Brands

All-Time Best Gym Equipment Brands


Exercise is an important aspect of life. Not only does it connect us with the ancient past when our ancestors had to keep their muscles pumping, their heart healthy and their immune system strong in order for them to survive. But since the olden times when our ancestors only used body weight, basic movements, including jumping, climbing and running and things around them to exercise, we’ve come a long way.


Today, we all enjoy a wide range of exercises even without leaving our homes. We gain muscle and develop bone strength as well as improve our immune system not only through our body weight or basic tools and equipment, such as barbells, resistance bands and dumbbells, but also through advanced and revolutionized equipment for specific body parts, such as abdominal crunches, overhead presses and shoulder presses, all through the concise and consistent movements brought to us by the biomechanical designers of gym machines.


But while most of these machines, including selectorized and plate-loaded units, are designed and created to mimic real muscle and body movements, there are simply those gym equipment brands that dominate the industry and that have been trusted by top gyms worldwide. Thanks to useful customer reviews and testimonials, as well as our 20 years as fitness industry experts, we’ve gathered some of the very best. So if you were looking to buy one or two fitness machines at the moment, read on before buying for your ultimate satisfaction.

Best Gym Equipment Brands to Buy (In No Particular Order)

  1. Precor: Setting the standard from the product, technology and maintenance perspective, Precor is a top brand to rely on, whether you are building a home or a commercial gym. Their mission is developing personalized fitness and health experiences for people from all fitness levels, helpingthemachieve the fitness they desire. They are driven and passionate for developing machines with ergonomic motion, sturdy construction and proven science. Precor has a team of superior engineers for coming up with performance-excellent machines. Their machines are selected by hotels,health clubs, universities and spas as well as by individuals.
  2. Life Fitness: Credited for its cutting-edge technology, Life Fitness had its humble beginnings in 1968 when Keene Dimick made an exercise bike with the objective of improving his fitness. This bike invention inspired executives Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson in establishing the brand with the main mission of making exercise machines that can serve one generation to the next. Some of theirclientele include exercisers, trainers and world champion athletes. Today, Life Fitness employs over a thousand of people in their 12 international branches and manufacturing facilities. They have 186 distributors and retailers in over 120 countries. Their best fitness machines include strength trainers and cardio trainers as well as exercise bikes and multi stations. They really are a powerhouse fitness company.
  3. Cybex International: This is a leading company for premium exercise machines, both for commercial and residential customers. Their product lines include strength of more than 150 pieces of machines, such as plate-loaded, selectorized and cardio machines. Their aerobic  trainers, include cycles, treadmills, arc trainers and steppers, all made with a combination of precise engineering and science without leaving user ease, movement precision and consistency behind.They also have the popular arc trainers that work to stimulate and stabilize muscle groups that allow maximum calorie burning without harming the joints. Currently, the brand is selling in more than 87 countries and with help from their distributors and retailers worldwide, and they have two manufacturing sites, employing over 600 staff.

Now in order to determine the best brand, you may also want to do some research about customer service and reliability. To give you an idea, companies should be innovators that they are able to adapt their products for their customer satisfaction, and that is what makes the brands we formerly mentioned the best in their category. When it comes to effectiveness of workouts offered by these fitness equipment makers, there is nothing more to be asked from them.

All these three brands are able to take great pride in what they do and offer a wide range of products to their customers. They also offer equipment for personal or commercial use in their cardio trainers and strength units.

And for recognition, they are also the top brands. For one, Precor is considered the most reliable based on IHRSA Health Club Equipment Benchmarking Report 2009.  Life Fitness, on the other hand, was the recipient of “Best Of” Awards by (2011), winning for its X5 and X8 elliptical cross trainers and T5-0 home treadmill. Not only that Life Fitness is the best in consumer reviews, but it is also a top brand chosen by industry leaders and gyms worldwide, mainly due to its dedication not only in innovation but also in providing the most comfortable yet effective training experience for all fitness seekers.

Cybex International, another recognized fitness equipment brand globally, is a proud maker of high quality and innovative fitness machines that have been recognized by top award giving bodies, including FIBO. In 2012, the company received the FIBO Innovation Award (2012) for its Bravo Functional Trainer, and this year, the company is nominated for the FIBO Innovation Award for its Cybex Eagle NX Back Extension. Carries the Best Fitness Brands

Through the years, we’ve been the go-to source among industry leaders in the gym business and individual fitness room owners for our top quality gym machines, Precor, Life Fitness and Cybex. They are the most trusted brands in the fitness machine scene due to their continued dedication and passion to creating cutting-edge machines for fitness seekers from all levels, whether they are looking to lose weight, build muscle and develop a strong immune system.

At UGE, we sell virtually all types of used gym equipment from these brands, while we’re catering to customers looking to get them at the best value prices possible. We offer gym packages with machines created by these brands, all resulting to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients worldwide. If you’re looking to build a home fitness room, a corporate gym, a university training center or a hotel fitness and spa and aiming at furnishing your facility with some of the best brands possible at the lowest prices you will not find elsewhere, count on us at the

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