Multi-Gyms In The Home – Save Big On Gym Memberships!

What You Might Want to Know About Multi-Gyms

Muscle D Fitness 12 Stack Multi-Gym
Muscle D Fitness 12 Stack Multi-Gym

So you are deciding to buy home fitness equipment but you’re hesitant because you have a small, limited space, not mentioning the fact that you’re looking to train different muscle groups now that you have decided to get back into shape. Maybe you have heard of multi-gyms. Mulit-gyms – also known as Jungle Gyms or Multi-Stations, are a fitness system composed of a couple of multiple stations or components, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises using only one machine. Yes, that’s possible, and yes, it’s awesome.

This fitness unit is designed to offer you convenience and savings, considering that you can train all sorts of specific muscle groups at home without having to spend for a pricey monthly gym fee. Check out this guide and learn more about a multi-gym that can offer both cardio and resistance training.

About a Multi-Gym

Most of these training units are made of selectorized weightlifting equipment. For instance, some models may include a leg press, lat pull/row, and a bench, allowing you to train your quads and calf muscles as well as triceps, lats, shoulders, and tone upper body and arms.

The selectorized systems used by most multi-gyms are composed of a weight pin and pulley system, letting you use a lighter or heavier weight depending on your fitness level and muscle ability. Therefore, you can train with a multi-station no matter you are a newbie or a seasoned bodybuilder – and the resistance can change to keep up with you!

Aside from these features, one may also include a detachable bench and a few free weights, letting you remove the bench from the structure of the gym system, and once you do, you can convert it into a standard bench for weightlifting and using dumbbells or other free weights in training.

On the other hand, there are models that come with a cardio trainer, such as a spinner (cycling) and steps (stair climbing). If you don’t find such feature, you may order yours to be customized with a cardio trainer to become a part of the multi station, but such an additional may increase its cost, too.

This fitness system can be used by one or two persons. There are dual gyms that come with additional bars and benches and may come with varying weight based on the system you’ve chosen.

While a multi station can offer you with plenty of benefits, including convenience, one may also have drawbacks that include higher cost than single purpose machines. So one thing when deciding to get one is to ask yourself if you are going to use it regularly to ensure that you are really saving from expensive gym memberships.

Another drawback for some people is that a specific model may be too big for the space a user can allot to install a multi station in his home. But our team at UGE can help you decide on the type of multi-station to buy based on your space requirements because we have a wide selection of remanufactured multi gyms that can cater to your fitness needs and space requirements.

Depending on the brand and model of a multi station, you may want to select a model with a shoulder or chest press, low or high pulley or leg curl or leg extension station. They may or may not be available for a certain model, but just the same, you may have to pay for an extra cost should you want any of the stations to be added if not found in a particular station you are looking to buy.

When shopping for one, make sure that a dealer can agree of putting the machine together for you as well as find one that has weight stacks that can move up and down without any problems. If possible, you may want to test some exercises in the store to find any sticking levers or points that do not allow straightening your legs or arms.

When shopping for one, look into the type that is made with rectangular or tubular steel and with a frame that won’t wobble or shake when you’re leaning against it.  Also, you should inspect if the frame is cleanly powder-coated.

More so, inspect if the cables and plates are made of high quality materials, and avoid those which seem to fray or crack as well as see to it that you can adjust the arms and seats of the machine so that you can work out without any hassles.

These are only some basic guidelines when finding your multi station that can offer you with multitude of workouts to get back into shape. If you would buy yours from us at UGE, you can rest assured that every multi gym we sell is of topnotch quality, as we have mastered the art and science of remanufacturing multi gyms so that they look and work as if new.

With us, you can also choose from a wide range of models with varying configurations to suit your fitness goals. But if you were unsure of what used multi station to get, you can contact our expert fitness machine advisors for a smart and sound advice and guidance. No matter your fitness level, there sure is an ideal multi gym to choose from with us.

Our company also carries top brands on reconditioned multi gyms, including Cybex, Hoist and Life Fitness, among others. We also offer varying configurations that would match your needs and your space. When you buy yours from us, you can also be guaranteed of top quality you won’t find elsewhere.

We are your one-stop gym source that has helped thousands upon thousands of fitness seekers get back into or stay in shape with top caliber used gym equipment at prices that  suit their budget and needs. We are your reliable gym source to depend on all the time and we’re happy to be of service to you.

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