How and Why To Get A Preventive Maintenance Program

How and Why To Get A Preventive Maintenance Program

Truth: Gyms can benefit from a preventive maintenance programs as they keep equipment in top condition, ensuring that equipment continues to function well. But a PM program must be administered correctly for the best results.

What is preventive maintenance, anyway? Improving equipment life-span, preventive maintenance includes lubrication, painting, adjusting and cleaning machines and replacing components to extend equipment life.

Expert Preventive Maintenance Technician
Expert Preventive Maintenance Technician

What makes a good preventive maintenance program? It should include periodic inspection, non-destructive testing, maintenance for correcting machine deficiencies and preplanned maintenance activities. Largely, it addresses problems with your equipment before they become problems.

Why do you need a preventive maintenance program? It can reduce equipment downtime, resulting in fewer gym equipment breakdowns, help in asset conservation and increase equipment life expectancy, preventing premature repair or replacement of parts. It can also reduce overtime cost due to working on a crash basis than scheduled basis of maintenance workers.

It has been said that a good PM program also helps in circumventing large-scale repairs, reducing cost of repairs through reducing secondary failures. And as you know, failing parts might also result to damage of other parts eventually. Some damage may include that to adjacent gym equipment during an inspection or that due to an adjustment, repair, replacement and/or installation of a component. Damage can also occur during the reinstallation of equipment onto its original location. The problem is that some gym owners may not notice such problems, letting them go unnoticed for years. But not when PM is done, by the experts who are skilled and train to perform such important tasks.

What are the reasons PM makes perfect sense? Users in your gym expect that you offer them not only the best training equipment but also utmost safety when training in your health club. It is your responsibility to offering them the highest safety possible. Their safety can also give you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about a member being injured for training in your facility. If you employ the right preventive maintenance team, you can rest assured you can keep your members and your pocket safe.

Any for buying used gym equipment at UGE, you will have the option of choosing or enrolling in our preventive maintenance program in which your remanufactured machines bought from us will be scheduled for maintenance so that they do not break down or malfunction and injure users.

And as you know, nothing is far more annoying than finding a piece of machine with a sign saying, “Out of Order.” Now if this happens in your health club often, members will find you unresponsive and unreliable. Eventually, these unsatisfied members won’t renew their membership in your club. But by keeping gym equipment not only clean but also on top working condition, you will be able to keep members satisfied and your business smooth sailing with less downtime of machines as well.

At the very least, familiarize your staff with the maintenance and cleaning schedule, and designate a head to oversee the preventive maintenance if you have not enrolled your gym into a gym preventive maintenance program as that offered by UGE.

Preventive Maintenance Can Save Your Business!
Preventive Maintenance Can Save Your Business!

At a minimum, all personnel must check equipment every day, and this include inspection or checking for signs of unusual wear-and-tear and lubricating chains and shafts. They should also be briefed and trained for removing excess grease, cleaning weight stacks, checking upholstery for cracks and rips and tightening loose bolts and nuts.

In addition to these tasks, your staff should make records and document repairs of equipment in a log for maintenance and/or repair of equipment. It should also include the date when the repair was reported and when it was completed. It should also include pieces of equipment needing repair and any replacement parts used/purchased as well as the person who did the repair.

Now should you want to add a few more training equipment in your gym or upgrading current commercial equipment so that you qualify for our PM program, don’t think twice calling us up and talking with one of our expert gym advisors to help you make an informed choice about what you have to know on gym preventative maintenance.

It is possible to achieve a successful preventive maintenance program for your gym on your own, but if you employ the right team, like, not only are more experienced technicians overseeing the condition of your equipment, with fewer things to worry about you free yourself up to tackle the more important issues in your business. We know proper planning and execution of needed cleaning, lubrication and correcting deficiencies in fitness equipment through inspection and testing.

We’re your dependable choice in terms of adjusting or replacing components, as we have a highly trained and motivated team that performs based on our highest standards. With our knowledge, mastery and skills in the fitness industry, you can rest assured that every cent spend on our remanufactured gym equipment is worth it.

And when you participate in our preventive maintenance program, you’re to decide on schedule as to when your equipment needs inspection and checkup. We’ll deploy a team of technicians in your area to perform what’s needed. And with our expertise in preventive maintenance, you can rest assured that every aspect of cleaning, inspection, testing and repair or parts replacement is done with utmost professionalism, all on time, for your convenience and satisfaction.

So when there’s need for high quality, affordable and well-maintained health club equipment, no need to search any further, as you’ve found your best source of fitness products and services across the US and the world, UGE. We offer you just about everything you need to establish your name in the fitness industry. Our expertise can help take your business to the next level and we’re here to depend on for all your gym requirements.

For any questions in your mind, feel free emailing or calling our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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