Changing Wellness Trends in Office Building Amenity Offerings

As millennials make up more of the workforce, there is a greater reflection of their lifestyle on office environments. Current work demands include longer hours, efficient productivity and employee teamwork. Millennials are looking for amenities and benefits at work that integrate the workplace into their quality of life.

The old office style of closed off cubicles, cold coffee and drab lighting is becoming passé. Employees spend so much time at work putting in their all for the company but still need to address personal needs. If the office environment reflects value for the people employed then increased productivity, loyalty and positive office culture will be direct results. For workers to spend a great deal of their time and effort in the office, then morale, wellness and health must be factors in attracting the best possible talent.

In order to attract tenants looking for office space, below is a list of current trends in workspace wellness amenities:


  1. Gym Amenity

Along with healthy food and commute options, the fitness center is the crown jewel of providing a trifecta of wellness to your tenants. If employees can get a workout in at the office gym before work, during lunch or after a long day, the time savings, physical benefits and mental relief are all a huge attraction for corporate tenants.  Companies typically see increased productivity and less sick days from employees. If a fitness center has up to date equipment featuring a mix of commercial gym equipment with cardio and weight options as well as areas to stretch and meditate, tenants will be looking to stay in your building long term.

  1. Onsite Dining Options

The idea of 9-5 with a 1 hour lunch break is increasingly a thing of the past. Many employees are connecting remotely with other office sites or clients in different cities and time zones. Having meals accessible in the building is key to productivity and keeping up energy levels. Healthy choices available nearby attract occupants looking to retain the rising population of the workforce.

  1. Bicycle Parking and Maintenance

Millennials are increasingly using bikes to get to the office. Commutes are now longer and stressful with all the traffic involved. An emphasis on environmental sustainability and cost savings on gas also play a large part in workers’ decision to cycle to work. That being said, providing storage and repair services within the office building are a must. This is an amenity that provides peace of mind, much like secure car parking, for millennials. If repairs can be done onsite, this adds to the greater feeling of lifestyle time saving factors.

  1. Lockers and Showers

Whether biking to work, training at the onsite fitness center, getting ready for an after work dinner or all three, a locker room with showers is crucial.  Presentation means so much to employers and a place to ensure personal appearance is a lifestyle amenity that is key. It will also ensure greater use of the fitness center if employees know there is adequate space to regroup.

  1. Multiple Lounge Spaces

Millennials are looking to take a breather and get out of their office space. Having lounge areas with comfortable seating, windows and natural elements like plant walls and fire pits can help employees refresh once they return to their desks. Rooftop amenities with views and greenery are another space for informal meetings, stress relief and employee camaraderie that can increase concentration and creativity once back in the office.

Health and wellness are a crucial part of employees’ lives whether for recreation, relaxation or rehabilitation. Building owners and management need to be up to date to remain at full occupancy and retain tenants. Understanding the tenant needs of today as well as the workforce expectations leads to a domino effect of increased satisfaction, output and retention for all parties involved.