Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym Installation

At Used Gym Equipment, we are always excited to make our customers’ gym visions into reality. We were happy to work with renowned fitness personality Dave Fisher to furnish his gym with up to date equipment. Fisher, the winner of the 1993 International Federeration of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) North American Overall title, is the proud owner of Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym in Torrance, CA.  Powerhouse Gym is a fitness center catering to the no-nonsense, serious exerciser who appreciates the camaraderie of a personalized environment. Dave realized it was time for some new equipment and wanted it there ahead of the rush of  New Years resolution sign ups. He came to us to give his fitness center an update with our certified preowned equipment. Our process at UGE covers all bases.  Our rigorous diagnostic tests ensure that all of our gym equipment, whether cardio or strength, will function optimally and properly once finished. Equipment is broken down to the studs to ensure that all pieces are in working order and to replace and service all parts that need it. Our skilled refurbishers were able to customize the equipment to the glossy fire engine red color that Dave had requested. From group cycling bikes to elliptical cross trainers, the equipment had the uniform look he was going for that tied the space together and made it recognizable to his clients. Dave and  his clients have been thrilled with the results. Being a gym owner comes with a lot of responsibility to keep your patrons safe and equipment running optimally. Changing out the gym equipment is essential to keeping your fitness center relevant. Ask us how we can outfit your gym optimally!