How to Get Guests to Use the Hotel Gym

A Gym For Every Guest

No two guests are the same, and neither are their workouts. At Used Gym Equipment, we have an array of machines in both cardio and strength to suit any traveler’s needs. 

We offer several equipment packages and design options to help you keep all of your guests happy, while keeping your investment as low as possible.

Our top-of-the-line, re-manufactured equipment costs a fraction of the price of new equipment. And with hotel gym equipment costing more and more, buying re-manufactured is the best way to get high value at a low cost.

No matter how you envision meeting your guests’ fitness needs, we simplify the design process by translating your vision into blueprints, equipment packages, and quotes.

Offer Post-Travel and Workout Recovery

For years, hotels believed investing in the newest, most top-of-the-line hotel gym equipment would get more guests in the door, when really Used Gym Equipment offers a better use of your valuable capital and operating costs. 

One way to get guests in the door is by incentivizing them with services that help them to recover after a long day of travel, or a grueling workout–especially if your hotel has a spa.

Getting them well-acquainted with your amenities early on will also help you to recoup the investment you made into your hotel gym in the first place. This also allows you to showcase all the amenities that your hotel has to offer.

Pump Up Your Hotel Gym’s Traffic

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your guests’ exercise habits.

Knowing what your guests do in the gym, what workouts they’d be interested in trying, if given the chance, and what time of day they typically workout, gives you the opportunity to tailor your services to that guest.

The more you know about your guests, the more connected they’ll feel to your hotel: winning you higher guest ratings and repeat stays. 

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