How to Maximize Your Used Gym Equipment Investment

Used Gym Equipment

Buying and installing new or upgraded equipment is a big deal. As a facility owner or manager, you know what a significant investment it is. You want to maximize that investment. The best way to do this is by minimizing the cost with quality used gym equipment.

A crucial step in promoting commercial used gym equipment that is new to your facility is by fully training your staff on the features and benefits of the new equipment before introducing it to your clients.

Features – The more in-tune your staff is with the features of a product, the better they can engage members and get them excited about the new workout options. Features are about everything the new equipment is capable of doing. Not every member will use every feature. However, if clients are not aware of what a machine can do, they won’t use it to its full potential. Making members aware of all the features leaves the impression that you are providing full value.

Benefits –You and your staff should understand and explain the difference between features and benefits. A feature is what something is, and a benefit is what users can do or accomplish with it. So, features are all the different software, adjustments, and settings available. Benefits are how these features will increase your clients’ strength, performance, and health.

Simplification – This is also tied to benefits and features. Most clients trying out equipment for the first time will begin with the “Quick Start” feature. One way you do this is by encouraging private sessions during demonstrations (and on promotional materials). The intention is to maximize both the use of the equipment and increase professional trainer sessions.

Safety – The typical gym member is not familiar with proper lifting and exercise methods. Fitness facility staff should educate members about workout safety. They should also provide easily accessible safety equipment/gear.

Showcasing new equipment is an opportunity for personal trainers to meet more members. It also shows your members that their well-being and fitness achievements matter to you. Unveiling your used fitness equipment is about inviting users to begin their workout without making it overly complex. Teach them how to use it properly and show them the vast options available to them.

You’ll see members get better workouts, and results.

Remanufactured used gym equipment is about quality. Our commercial-grade exercise equipment is made to last. Because of our quality, dedication, and expertise we have been helping our customers put together incredible fitness facilities since 1989. For further information or for a quote please contact Used Gym Equipment at 310.638.4800 or visit to learn more.

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