Gym Equipment Greece

Used Gym Equipment Sent 3 Shipping Containers to Greece

Christos is a very successful entrepreneur from Greece who does not listen to all the negative press saying the sky-is-falling in his country. What Christos did was get smart and fly to California to buy a HUGE advantage for his new business.

The Used Gym Equipment Company helped Christos’s business take off like a rocket to the moon by supplying the best gym equipment in the World at a giant savings.

We want to do the same for your business. Christos Company purchased three, forty foot shipping containers full of gym equipment. Once the product arrived it was the most exciting thing happening in his town. Then the crowds came into his business to get healthy and fit.

Christos purchased Precor elliptical trainers, Cybex machines, Nautilus machines, Life Fitness machines, Elliptical crosstrainers made by the Life Fitness Company, 12 Life Fitness 9500 Next Generation treadmills, in addition to Body Masters, Paramount, and Icarian machines. The amount of money he saved he could start a second fitness business!

He sent us some pictures of the gym equipment he bought from once it was installed inside his gym in Greece.