Gym Equipment Hawaii

Gym Equipment Hawaii

Gym Equipment Hawaii For Sale

A husband and wife business team wanted to build their dream Gym business in one of the most beautiful places on earth on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.

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The wife is the most effective personal trainer on the island. And lowering their operating expense was very important to them. They knew their strategy of getting people FIT was what they had to sell. Buying treadmills with TV’s had no place in their health and fitness business plan.

Gym Equipment Hawaii!

So they searched the Internet and found last year. They placed an order to get the Gym started. And 12 months later they were making progress and ordered from us again.

Now they have a very succesful Gym business and a new baby boy named ‘Colton.’ So taking care of your customers and having money left over to raise a family is one of the most important things The Used Gym Equipment Company does.