The Top 5 Trends in Gym Equipment for 2014

The top five trends in gym equipment for 2014

In case you are thinking of buying a health club or opening a new commercial gym, you’ll need to know what’s hot in 2014.

1. Functional Fitness: Functional Fitness is probably the hottest trend in fitness right now. Develop all your body for an active lifestyle, by incorporating gym equipment like the TechnoGym Kinesis Wall. Valuable exercise and fitness means you employ strength training to further improve impression associated with a sense of balance, coordination, demand, and energy — in addition to energy in order to replicate true activities you choose to improve daily living. By using body level, a large quantity of weight groups, sandbags, together with Cardio Equipment, you can improve your overall health and body function. If you are looking to open a new gym or health club, it’s paramount that you offer function fitness machines, as this is a trend you won’t want to miss out on!

2. Bodyweight Training: Another extremely popular trend in the 2014 fitness industry is bodyweight training. Similar to functional fitness, bodyweight training focuses on using your own body metrics to improve fitness. The most popular kind of bodyweight training is Functional Training. Functional Training is often called “the sport of fitness” and it’s not an exaggeration. It puts participants through a grueling workout in a “box” which is their word for a gym. It mostly involves short, intense bursts with bumper plates and insane cardio workouts. Functional Training is growing rapidly throughout America, with boxes popping up every day!

Body weight lifting utilizes minimal equipment, making it more affordable. Not at all restricted to simply pushups in addition to pull-ups, this kind of growth will permit people to come across ‘back in the direction of basics’.

3. Personal TENS Solutions: A fresh idea in the fitness industry, TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) products article tiny electric powered pulses inserted into the major muscle groups. TENS can help stimulate and build muscles. TENS can also alleviate aches and pains by moving folic acid through muscle groups that have been exercised. Finally, some research even suggests that TENS stimulation can actually help relieve stress and puts people into a meditative state of mind. High end gyms all across the country are starting to look into this exciting new trend. One of the most popular brands is the I Rest Massager, which is roughly the size of an iPod and can easily be applied to a number of TENS situations.

4. Aerial fitness: Believe it or not, we’re seeing a huge growth in the number of aerial fitness classes throughout the country. Aerial fitness is training in trampolines, tumbling, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Even Parkour could be considered a type of aerial fitness. It requires agility, strength, flexibility, and speed. Some of our best products for aerial fitness include our Life Fitness line, as well as out Pilates Allegro Reformers.


5. Free Weight Training: Believe it or not, we’re seeing a huge comeback in the usage of freeweights, barbells, and dumbbells these days. Many of our clients are stocking up on this old fashioned gym equipment and used fitness equipment for sale — because good things never go out of style. Many trainers and health club clients are looking to workout in a more natural fashion, improve stabilizer muscles, and get that burn going!