Top Five Pieces of Gym Equipment in 2014

Top Five Pieces of Gym Equipment in 2014

Being fit means being healthy. With the new year, many people across the globe are resolving to live a healthier lifestyle. And that means buying gym memberships. So if you’re looking to make money by opening a new gym, then it’s wise to remember some of the best pieces of gym equipment to purchase in 2014.

1. Treadmill

Treadmills are the first type of fitness equipment that are essential for any gym. Treadmills provide a good exercise routine and are usable by both men and women of varying degrees of fitness. They’re also, by far, the most popular piece of gym equipment in any gym. Walking is great for cardiovascular health and therefore, using a treadmill with an inclined ramp is recommended. Walking on the treadmill helps in toning the muscles of the buttocks and the legs. Walking on a treadmill is also good for the joints and it increases flexibility. You can choose a manual treadmill or an electric one. You can easily find a good treadmill online.

Some of our most popular brands include LIFE FITNESS, STAR TRAC, CYBEX, and TECHNOGYM.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a good piece of gym equipment. They are effective in helping you lose weight while keeping the body fit and active. The resistance bands can be used to do arm curls, stretches and stepping exercises. Exercising with resistance bands helps strengthening the arms and legs while toning the muscles. They help in improving the body balance and strength. The resistance bands are relatively inexpensive and can be bought online. There are different types of bands available; therefore, you must choose different bands as per your level of resistance and body requirement targeting different areas of the body.

3. Exercise Bikes

Another, very essential equipment for a gym is the exercise bike. The exercise bike is a stationery bike that can give you similar benefits to cycling on road. The exercise bike helps in improving your cardiovascular health and build strong legs. Most exercise bikes can be adjusted to different resistance levels. Therefore, you can increase the resistance level as per your ability. Different types of exercise bikes are available and they can be bought online as well.

Some of our most popular brands include TECHNOGYM and LIFE FITNESS.

4. Dumbbells

Another, very common and essential pieces of equipment for any gym are the dumbbells. Dumbbells are very handy to do weight-lifting exercises, which help strengthen the arms, shoulders and the upper areas of the body. Dumbbells of different weights can be used as per the body requirement and ability. It is very easy to find dumbbells on any of the online fitness equipment stores. Occupying very little space, dumbbells must be a part of your home gym.

5. Step Equipment / Elliptical Cross Trainers

As for the fifth most essential equipment that you can use for your gym, you can either buy steppers or an elliptical cross trainer. The steppers help in doing step aerobics, which are great to burn large amounts of calories. Steppers are available in a large variety and therefore you must research well to find the best one that suits your requirements. The stackable step variety is popular and it can be adjusted for height and for the intensity of the workout.

An elliptical trainer is somewhat similar to a treadmill. You can it use to emulate walking, running and climbing stairs. The equipment helps in building muscles and flexibility. The best thing about the elliptical cross trainer is that it is not harsh on the joints and therefore, can be used daily. Different types of elliptical cross trainers are available online.