Top 5 Gyms in California

Find the best gyms in California, and Gym Equipment in California

The health and fitness industry is set for huge commercial success owing to the booming interest in fitness and health. People are realizing the importance of looking good physically, and for this reason more people are joining gyms and clubs. America is home to a number of gyms and clubs but here is a list of the best five gyms in California, in no particular order:

1. Top Out Climbing Gym

Located in Santa Clarita, CA, Top Out Climbing is a newly opened gym that is yet to celebrate its first anniversary. Housed in an 11,500 square foot building, the gym is located in the vicinity of some well known colleges, like Santa Clara University, thereby having a large collegiate population in the area. The Top Out Climbing is a well designed gym in California and for this reason never appears to be crowded at any time. The amenities offered are plenty but they are laid out in such a manner that the gym does not appear to be cramped. While having a regular exercising room, what makes the Top Out Climbing gym stand out from the rest is the 6,500 sqft of climbing wall with 5,000 sqft of this dedicated to bouldering. There is a Yoga studio for those that love yoga exercise and a retail shop that provide climb-on products. A climbing gym is a new idea and therefore, the Top Out Climbing is a great gym.

2. Cal Fit

Located in Sacramento, California, Cal Fit has been around for more than two decades, boasting a healthy, sustainable, and beloved fitness business. The gym has won several awards for its services provided to its members. The gym is a family fitness gym that entertains not only adults but kids as well. So, families can exercise and stay fit together. The gym offers world-class amenities like various exercise programs and classes, swimming pools, cardio-athletic classes, cycling rides, Yoga and Pilates classes, soccer fields, basket ball, racquet ball, volleyball and tennis courts, and rock walls. The gym provides services of Certified Personal Trainers that train the clients to the specific needs of their body types and their requirements. Members can even hold social events at any of the large fields of the gym.

3. 220 Fitness

220 Fitness is a boutique gym located near Tinseltown in Santa Monica, California. The gym comprises some of the most exquisite exercise machines that enable members to workout to their capacity. The gym is designed in an ultra-modern way with brick and wood panels, colorful machinery, and sparkling glass walls that enable members to have a great view. Certified Personal Trainers and coaches help members to workout as per their requirements. Customized workout options are available for those that do not wish to stick to a pre-planned routine. Cycling and Zumba classes are also offered at this elite gym.

4. Sports Club Los Angeles

Located in the heart of West Los Angeles, The Sports Club is a great gym that offers world-class amenities to its members. The Sports Club has state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated staff, gorgeous interiors and to top it all, the “jewel box concept”. The gym has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, spacious workout rooms and basket ball courts. The gym has an exquisite design and layout that is very impressive. The beautiful architecture of the gym mesmerizes one and all.

5. Equinox

The Equinox is a state-of-the-art fitness center that impresses from the moment one steps foot inside. Located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and all over Orange County — the gym is elegantly designed and has the best sought after instructors, strength and cardio equipment, wellness experts and Certified Personal Trainers. The ambiance of the gym is beautifully designed rooms, which include yoga studios, boxing rings, heated indoor pool, sprawling rooms and other amenities that amaze the guests.