Top Five Countries To Open A New Gym

The Five Best Countries to Open a New Gym

Fitness has become the order of the day. With each passing day, one can see more individuals buying gym memberships in a bid to remain fit and healthy. Realizing the importance of staying fit, both men and women are introducing some form of exercises in their routine. While there are several ways to remain fit, nothing can compare with a gym membership at a gym that has excellent gym equipment and commercial fitness equipment. As the fitness industry is growing, owning and opening a gym seems a profitable venture. There are several countries and cities where the gym and fitness industry is still at a nascent stage. These countries are the best places to open a gym. Here are the top five countries where it would be profitable to open a new gym…

Latin America

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Treadmills For Sale

Instead of pin-pointing a single country of this region, the entirety Latin America is appropriate. In particular, countries like Mexico, Chile and Brazil are the best countries to open a new gym. With better infrastructure and overall development in these regions, there is a need to educate people on better health. With more disposable income at hand, people of these regions are readily spending on food items, a thing which was not possible until a few years back. Therefore, with better economic growth, these countries are good places to open a new gym or health club. In fact, obesity is spreading like an epidemic in some of the Latin American countries and to check this menace, opening a gym can be a profitable venture.

Some of our most popular gym equipment in Latin America includes TREADMILLS and EXERCISE BIKES.

Saudi Arabia

The second of the top five countries where one can open a new gym is Saudi Arabia. Right behind the US in terms of economic growth, Saudi Arabia is steering towards overall economic and cultural well being, thanks to immense oil wealth and a modernizing culture and economy. Although Saudi Arabians are very health conscious, yet there are places where opening a gym can be profitable, as there aren’t many gyms in the Middle East yet. Saudi Arabian men and women are increasingly becoming conscious of their physical health and they are looking for health and fitness centers, where they can sculpt and shape their bodies.

Generally, our Saudi Arabian gym equipment buyers prefer excellent equipment, like TECHNOGYM EQUIPMENT.


In terms of population growth and economic development in the Asian region, right behind China is India. Being the second most populous country of the world, after China, India a very good market in all terms, especially in terms of gyms and health club equipment. Better economic growth has put in more money in the hands of the people, encouraging them to spend it on food, especially at establishments such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, etc. The fast food culture has picked up in the country and more people are eating out than before. All these factors are giving rise to urban obesity, which needs to be curbed. Opening a new gym in India is surely a profitable venture.

Indian gym equipment buyers prefer CARDIO EQUIPMENT.


Representing the European nations, Germany is showing tremendous growth in the health and fitness industry. In fact, we already have some HAPPY CUSTOMERS in buying gym equipment in Germany. The country has recovered well from its economic downturn and is now inching towards better economic growth. People here are now taking up gym and club memberships to stay fit and healthy. The club operators are offering better amenities, wooing more consumers. Therefore, setting up a new gym in Germany is an interesting proposition. Norway, Sweden, Russia and Poland are some other countries of Europe where a new gym would be welcome.

Gym equipment in Germany often focuses on WEIGHT TRAINING.


The fitness culture is catching up in Australia as well. There has been a spurt in the growth of newly established gyms in various Australian cities but there is still scope for more. Obesity is a major concern in Australia and therefore, people are taking up gym and health club memberships to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, with media reports regarding the ill-effects of obesity, people are looking forward to invest in staying healthy, by buying gym memberships.

These are some of the countries where opening a gym can be profitable, owing to the increasing demand of consumers for better health services. You can establish diversified gyms and this would help different individuals take up gym membership easily. Diversification could include opening female oriented gyms or smaller gyms that are specific to a particular demographic. The need is to identify the requirements of the consumers.