The Top 5 Gyms in Florida

Top Five Gyms in Florida

Keeping fit and healthy is the pre-requisite for a disease-free long life. While there are several options like running, jogging and doing exercises at home, nothing comes close to doing exercises in a gym. As gyms are equipped with specialized machines and equipment, they offer better workout routines. Here are the top five gyms in Florida, in no particular order of superiority:

1. American Top Team

Located in Coconut Creek, Florida, American Top Team is not just not one of the best gyms in Florida but the best MMA camp in USA. Spread over 20,000 sq ft, the academy is known for its training classes in Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Self-Defense, Kids MMA and Women’s fitness. The center is not just an exercising center but it also trains teams and individuals for various events involving the above mentioned sports. However, individuals and families wishing to enroll at the center for better health and fitness are also welcome.


2. Phase Five

Located in Brandon, Florida, Phase Five is not just a gym but training and Functional Training center where different methodologies for training are provided. Spread over a large area, the gym provides various amenities for all those that seek health and fitness. The gym provides five stages of training, hence the name Phase Five. Each trainee must qualify in one phase before moving on to the next. The fifth stage of training at the gym is that of military based training. The gym follows a planned approach to train individuals according to their progress. Safety of the members is of prime importance for the gym and therefore, it provides a structured fitness program to prevent injury. Besides the regular gym equipment and exercises, Phase Five provides several other amenities like spa facilities, open training space and parking areas to its members. If you’re looking for a great place to get incredibly ripped at gyms in Florida — Phase Five is it.

3. Jaco Hybrid Training Center

Located in Boca Raton in Florida, Jaco Hybrid Training Center is a complete health and fitness center. The center provides one of the largest selections of fitness equipment. The center offers facilities like resistance workout stations, fitness and conditioning stations, cardiovascular area with treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes, arc trainers, stair climbers, rowers, exercise bikes, ergo meters, group fitness studios and a 3,000 sq ft private area for women’s workout. The center also offers other amenities like saunas, child care, shower, locker rooms etc. Certified personal trainers and other training assistants are also available at the center ensuring that individuals are offered the best training routine without any worry of injury. This is one of the best all around gyms in Florida.

4. Powerhouse Gym

Having been in the gym business for more than three decades, the Powerhouse Gym is actually a powerhouse of gym activities and facilities. The gym located in Florida and many other parts of the United States offers state-of-the-art gym equipment and machines enabling members to achieve their health and fitness goals. The gym has knowledgeable and dedicated staff that trains and assists members at all levels. The atmosphere here is motivating and with the high-quality exercise equipment available, individuals can better their health and fitness.

5. David Barton Gym

Located at Miami Beach, Florida, David Barton Gym is not just a gym but it can be called a night club. Oozing with South Beach flair, the gym is Miami’s best gym. The fitness space of the gym is spread over 42,000 sq ft while there are other attractions at the gym as well. There are swimming pools and live DJs at the gym. Moreover, the interiors of the gym are so done that they appear to be a night club.

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