Top 5 Gyms In New York State


Top 5 Gyms In New York State

Top 5 Gyms and Health Clubs In New York State, from Used Gym Equipment

New York is home to some of the best gyms and fitness centers in the world. From the Big Apple to Buffalo, Manhattan to Ithaca — New York state is a wealth of great workout opportunities. And with a population of nearly twenty million people, New York state is a great place to open FITNESS BUSINESS with the VERY BEST GYM EQUIPMENT.

1. Crunch Gyms

Not only established in New York, the Crunch Gyms has branches in Portland, Miami and Los Angeles as well. The gym has great interiors making it a great place to workout. There are the standard equipments at the gym that include cardio equipments and free weights. The best thing about Crunch Gym is that it offers a host of aerobic and funky dance classes. The gym also offers basic boxing classes. For those that are unable to attend a gym regularly, the Crunch Gyms offers online classes.

2. New York Sports Club – NYSC

Having several branches in the five boroughs of New York, Pennsylvania, Long Island and New Jersey, the New York Sports Club is an available-for-all club. With affordable membership fee, the club provides well maintained facilities. Besides the general workout equipment, the club offers fitness classes, boxing classes and kickboxing classes. The club has experienced and knowledgeable staff that takes care of its members. The instructors at the club are very good at teaching kickboxing and group boxing. Being a popular club, the NYSC is generally crowded during peak hours.

3. Equinox Fitness

The Equinox Fitness gyms are located in various places including NYC, WashingtonDC, Chicago, Boston, Florida, California, Dallas and Connecticut. The gym is a great place to workout as it not only offers the standard equipments and machines but also provides group fitness classes. The fitness center has well maintained locker rooms and café and juice bar where members can enjoy shakes and healthy snacks. The instructors at the gym are friendly and courteous besides being experienced. They are knowledgeable about their work and take care of the safety of the members.

4. Aerospace High Performance Center

The Aerospace High Performance Center is located in the Meatpacking District of NYC, and is one of the premiere gyms in New York. This area is known for its hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques. The 6,000 ft fitness facility is owned by Michael Olajide Jr. and Leila Fazel. The best thing noted about the center is that members and new comers are personally greeted and shown around by

one of the two owners. The place does not have many machines as the owners believe in self-power. However, the center offers group fitness classes and personal workout sessions. The fitness classes include dance, yoga and boxing. There are body bars, free weights and jump ropes for workout sessions. The center has well trained and experienced instructors that look after all members whether beginners or professional athletes.

5. Reebok Sports Club

This is New York’s best fitness club for those individuals that are interested in rock climbing. The center offers a 5,000 sq ft area of Mind Body Studios that provides classes for Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonics. The unique thing about the Reebok Sports Club is the 39-foot high climbing wall and the 15-foot tall bouldering wall. Climbing as a workout exercise is gaining importance these days and more and more people are looking out for gyms that provide this facility. All the devices and paraphernalia required for climbing is provided at the club. There are professional instructors that not just a keep a watch over the climbers but they also offer advice on how to achieve a good workout.