Holiday Fitness Tips!

Stay Fit Over the Holidays with These Holiday Fitness Tips!

This is the season to be jolly, but DEFINITELY not to gain weight. Perhaps, in following holiday fitness tips, you should keep that motivation to avoid becoming heavy. Seriously, every after the Christmas season and the New Years, gyms are always filled with trainees looking to get back into shape. All the festivities, food and travel might have caused them to slack off their fitness and health goals. Then, New Year’s Resolutions are coming in, and one of the things to do in the list is ‘losing weight.’ You don’t really have to go back to scratch and go over again with your fitness plans and training program if you keep everything in check and planned before the holiday even begins. You can avoid gaining weight by following a few tips we have collected for you so that you won’t have to stress due to an expanded waistline after the holidays.

Holiday Fitness!
Holiday Fitness!

Surely, staying in shape and keeping your weight loss goals in tact may be one of the most challenging things to do during the holidays when tables are filled with delicious but salty, fatty and sweet dishes. One thing that makes things even worse is that the holiday is a time when people skip their diet and workout plan due to family obligations and outings that are inevitable for many. However, you don’t need to be destined of gaining the holiday pounds if you would keep the right fitness plan and program in place for the right fitness level. In fact, you can still enjoy your time with your family while having your health and fitness in check to avoid sliding backwards.

Have a Plan in Place and in Advance for Holiday Fitness Tips:

The holiday season is often always the time for family trips and vacations, but you can plan your routine schedule to avoid skipping exercise! Other than leaving your training up to chance, you can be proactive by setting a dedicated time to work out in the gym, in the hotel or anywhere you are. Speaking of planning, do not leave your diet to chance as well; instead, plan your meals before the holidays to avoid picking the wrong choices.

Use Creativity in your Holiday Fitness Tips:

If a gym isn’t around, be creative! You don’t always have to use equipment to train. Perhaps, you can do bodyweight exercises, including curls, pushups and pull-ups, all up to you. Devise an indoor or outdoor training you can do while on a trip or vacation with your family. Alternatively, you can explore around the area by biking, walking or running. As you see, keeping fit does not really have an excuse, and so as exercising. You have your workout plan on hand, so follow it at all cost. Perhaps, it is not bad at all to train for only twenty minutes daily provided you incorporate workout into your daily holiday schedule.

Pack Basic Exercise Tools for Holiday Fitness Tipes:

Pack some basic training tools, such as an exercise mat, skipping rope or suspension straps. You can also use nature as your gym, perhaps the beach. You can go swimming or playing water sports or just about any water activity to burn calories while out of town with your family or friends on the holidays. If you are staying in a hotel, then use the pool for water exercises with your companions.

Select Food Wisely and Stay Full Longer:

Choose your holiday meal wisely by having high-protein snacks in advance to avoid packing on the calories. Protein sources can keep you full longer than fast digesting carbohydrates. In this case, you don’t need to eat often, even if you are tempted to.  In addition, you don’t have to deprive yourself of holiday food though. Instead, you can be clever by going for fruits, vegetables and salads with low fat dressings first to avoid binging on sweets and fats, which commonly accompany most holiday foods.

Log Food Intake and Count the Calories

Keeping a food journal is one of the best ways to stay fit during the holidays, as it will help you keep track of the calories you are getting from food. To make things easier though, you can download a calorie counter or a fitness app with this feature online. Logging food intake is an effective method of detecting if you are already overeating. Not to forget, you should also monitor the liquid calories from sources, such as yummy cocktails, Martinis and champagnes!

Keep Meal Frequency for Holiday Fitness Tips:

During the holidays, you might tend to run around and forget mealtime, something damaging and causing imbalance in your metabolism. You should eat your meal on time to avoid overeating, too, aside from helping you keep a normal digestion and absorption of nutrients. Then, you might also consider eating before going to a party or social event this Christmas season to avoid over consuming alcohol and food.

Download an App for Progress Tracking for Holiday Fitness Tips:

Today, you can monitor and measure your progress using your iPhone, Android or any Smartphone through an app, which can help you stay fit during the holidays. You can pick apps for fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition through download sites, including Google Play or The App Store.

Find a Workout Partner for your Holiday Fitness Tips:

It may be easier to have a training partner who can keep you motivated to work harder and who can train with you in the park, in the hotel room or anywhere you are. Exercises may be easier if you are doing it with a company, so find one before the holidays! In this way, you can also avoid skipping exercises knowing that you will leave your training partner hanging.

Definitely, working out and staying fit during this season can be  doable provided you have that correct attitude and motivation to keep going despite the temptations of skipping fitness for a while. Final advice is that you listen to what your body is telling you, such as when you need to rest, recharge or rejuvenate. Perhaps, health and fitness is all about your lifestyle only that you have to make good choices to make things work, especially in matters of staying healthy, happy and fit during and after the holidays.