12 Fitness Apps To Get You In Shape!

Fitness Apps to Get in Shape NOW!

Mobile fitness is in! Due to innovation, intelligent mobile devices have paved the way for health and fitness to become accessible for the most of us. Now you can record and achieve your fitness goals through these gadgets, such as your iPhone, Android or Smartphone that can be your perfect gym partner. Using the right apps that you can readily download on the App Store, Google Play and top downloading sites; you can automate and simplify your workout program, achieve your strength or weight loss goals and stay in shape, even on mobile.

Fitness Apps
Fitness Apps

What are the best fitness apps for creating a workout or even a diet plan and keeping track of your progress? Check out this post and we will show you a collection of the best apps to download for health, fitness and nutrition, but in no particular order.

  1. My Fitness Pal can take out the stress of working out by allowing you to track the calories from food you eat without you having to calculate the numbers on your own. It also comes with a barcode scanner to monitor the food you take in as well as a database of over three million foods.
  2. Cardio Trainer is an all-around Android application that focuses on running, walking and aerobic workouts, tracks every run through GPS and supports workout recording, such as distance run as well as fitness classes in your favorite training center. It helps you track your motion, including every pauses and stops you are making. For your entertainment, you can easily combine music as well as voice notifications while training, as desired.
  3. Dubbed as the best app for goal setting, Lift assists you in everything you do for fitness. In fact, this product lets you develop healthier habits by guiding you to reach your goals. What you need to do is to address your fitness journey, but you should only select up to three issues at a time. Tip: You may need to get some of your friends involved for moral support.
  4. Speaking of drive and motivation, you may get just that when you download Coach Alba, a fitness coach-robot that will help you stay on track and in the perfect motivation to keep you going. It is a messaging system for exercisers and weight losers who want to get pass through the toughest issues on their journey to succeed. However, its messages may be repetitive at times, but at least you get frequent reminders from an app that keeps you motivated and helps you achieve your fitness goals in no time.
  5. Now for cycling enthusiasts, there is the Cyclemeter packed with a diverse and huge database of high accuracy. It can help you in tracking walks, runs and other aerobic activities, but it does not include a calorie meter though it is loaded with data you need for multiple cardio activities, such as biking.
  6. For aerobic workouts, you might want to pick MapMyRun, one of the best apps there is for walking, running and jogging. You will love it because it allows you to see your progress and to compete and make friends with other fitness seekers. With it, you can share your results to your social circles that may be into sharing theirs with you, too. Have this running journal loaded with several features, including tracking for daily activity, music, calorie counter and so much more!
  7. Another powerful app not to miss is the SportyPal, an app with a wide reach across many platforms and is up for downloads through iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android. You can use such when roller-blading or running to measure calories burned, speed and distance. It also has the power of letting you synchronize your information to your online profile so that you can see the progress and statistics from all the workouts listed down.
  8. Endomondo is a top app for staying motivated in your workouts and goals and uses the GPS functionality of your phone for tracking the miles you run, jog and cycle. After your workout, you can share it among your social friends, too.
  9. JeFit is among the most favorite bodybuilding apps for weightlifters because it is loaded with workouts, diets and motivation tutorials. This app helps you set up a workout, measure weight and track the number of reps as well as offers you with features, including an a rep max calculator, stats tracker and an exercise database.
  10. You Are Your Own Gym, as the name implies, means you can work out even when not in the gym. It allows you to access your bodyweight workouts anytime and anywhere. If you were someone who travels much for your businesses, then you can download the app that works whenever and wherever you want to work out using more than 200 video demonstrations. This time around, you do not have any excuse to skip your workout.
  11. RunKeeper is for you if you want training in the outdoors because it can track your bikes, runs and walks through GPS as well as highlights the number of calories burned. In the process, you can challenge yourself to push harder by using such clear and specific data to keep you on track.
  12. Shake things up with the Navy Seal Fitness app that is loaded with educational resources and heavy workouts designed to help you in achieving great muscular flexibility, fitness and strength. It also helps you learn about the physiology and principles behind your training, as you will be guided in the same way that Navy Seals are.

There you have the 12 fitness apps to keep you on track and motivated to push and work harder to achieve the results you are looking for.  Check them out and see which one works to your best interest, workout goals, fitness style and features needs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee, always wear that attitude of not giving up in getting into shape and reaching your fitness goals with or without an app. Start working towards your fitness goals today!