The New Year’s Resolution Rush Looms – Prepare your Gym Today!

January 1st is almost here. For most people, that means it’s time to buckle down on those New Year’s resolutions. Most of these would-be lifestyle changes involve achieving greater fitness or losing weight – so for gym owners, another calendar year usually translates into more customers (at least for a while). Most New Year’s resolutions usually fail by February or March, but there are some folks who stick with it.

Is Your Gym Ready?


Regardless, gym owners need to prepare their facilities for the onslaught of new customers and greater foot traffic through their front doors. Used Gym Equipment has put together a handy checklist to get you ready for 2015.

Staff up. With so many new customers, you might want to add extra personnel. Keep in mind, many of these fitness newbies are clueless as to what your machines do. A helpful staff member will help your new customers maximize their fitness potential – and who knows, this helpful instruction may even lock in a longtime customer!

Test your equipment. And we mean ALL your machines. Cardio, strength equipment, butterfly weights, leg extensions – if it moves, make sure everything is in proper working order. Nothing frustrates a new gym member more than malfunctioning equipment.

Rehab, if necessary. Starting today, do a thorough inventory of what you own, and what needs fixed. Well before January 1st, replace any necessary equipment with high-quality remanufactured exercise stations.

Do a comprehensive cleaning. Once the calendar turns to 2015, you’ll have a tough enough time keeping up with everything. Before Christmas, have a professional cleaner come in and tidy everything up. Or better yet (to save money), do it yourself – a whole-gym cleaning is a surprisingly effective workout!

Optimize your gym layout. Some gyms will see up to 50% increase in members for January & February. Figure on at least a 15-25% bump in your gym users. If necessary, relocate your equipment to better serve the additional customers. If you’re able, expand your existing floor space to accommodate the rush.

If you have any more questions about what your gym needs for the New Year, please call us at (800) 884-1446, or check out the UGE contact page.

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