Best US Gyms for Every Workout!

Checkout the Best US Gyms For Every Workout!

What are the best gyms in the US? You might be planning to start working out the coming year but you are clueless where to enroll because there are too many choices around that makes things even harder for you. Check out this list and get started in selecting the right gym for you, depending on the kind of training you are getting yourself into. There is no such thing as “One size fits all,” so depending on your exercise and fitness style, you can select from a myriad of choices in terms of classes, gyms and training sessions to enroll. Here are a few ideas:

Best Gym in the US
Best Gym in the US

Alternative Gyms (The Innovative Types):

For people with diverse workout styles and desires, they can go for innovative gyms that offer training in a completely new and different level. One of them is the AIR Aerial Fitness, accessible in multiple locations. Although known as one to offer suspension training, the club somehow interprets this idea differently.  Here, you will spend all the classes and sessions suspended in mid air using a contraption. It offers unique and challenging fitness classes by using one’s own body weight in no way ever thought of before! Be ready to perform resistance training with a twist.

Another alternative gym you may consider is the Bklyn Beast in Brooklyn, New York. If there is the art of fight in martial arts training, there is also the art of flight in this gym’s Parkour training that allows you to move through an urban landscape in the most efficient manner possible. This is a colossal gym where to find plenty of platforms, obstacles and graffiti, all making it a place for practical aerobics (Pracrobatics).

For pop-up workouts, a great choice is the National Fitness Campaign Fitness Court accessible in different locations. If you are the social type devoted to training with friends, then this is the free outdoor workout space for you! Since 1979, the National Fitness Campaign has established various fitness courts in multiple locations and many of these courts are now coming with a futuristic style with bright blue theme and with great selection of bars, foams, rings and boxes for helping you design a full body workout as well as for improving your total mobility and agility. On one hand, you may also consider functional fitness offered by Functional Fitness on the Bluffs in Santa Monica, California that introduces training without a gym! This is an open-air training gym minus the machines and the building.

Hardcore Gyms:

If you were looking to bulk up or to engage in weightlifting, then hardcore gyms may be for you. A good choice may be the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, one of the pioneers in bodybuilding. From generation to generation, bodybuilders recognize it as a great gym to adapt to their training. Another is the Apollon Gym in Edison New Jersey that was established in 1975 and is known as a superb training club that has everything you need to build muscle and strength. Some prominent bodybuilders who have come to train here are the likes of Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and other excellent bodybuilders. If you were in Sacramento, you may also consider the Super Training Gym, founded by Mark Bell, is where you can train with some of the world’s top weightlifters. Because this is a privately owned gym, those who will qualify are not required to pay membership dues. In March of 2008, Super Training Gym was included in the 30 Best Gyms in the US by Men’s Health Magazine.

Fitness Clubs for Best US Gyms:

Some gyms are known for their creative services, great ambience and superb convenience. If you were looking to get fit, some good choices include the Equinox fitness club that has a strong market share on the West and the East coast. Members can take advantage of scientifically researched and created classes on topics, such as music, respect to life, mental engagement and movement quality. Another good choice is the Lifetime Fitness, a Minnesota-based fitness center. It offers clean and inviting facilities and expanding workout programs through the years. It also offers indoor tennis facilities in select clubs. If you are in New York, Northern or Southern California, then The Sports Club/LA may be for you. Here, you can experience working out alongside hot celebrities at these Best US Gyms!

For anti-gravity yoga, you can enroll at Crunch, one of the premiere clubs to help you get into shape. It has 31 innovative gyms always up to offering a combination of fitness and entertainment, but then you can also consider the Anytime Fitness that offers 24-hour accessibility for all. If you’re the working type, then you can think of enrolling here because it can cater to your busy schedule.

CrossFit Gyms:

For Cross Fit training, there are so many choices out there for you, but hey, you don’t have to stress because finding one near your location is so easy. One is the Reebok CrossFit located in New York, NY. This is a huge 10,000 sq. ft. training facility in the middle of Manhattan. Here, you can perform a wide range of workouts and rotate your training with ropes, pull-up bars, free weights and rings, among others. With such a large space, you will never feel bored. For a variety of Cross Fit sessions, such as kids’ classes, boxing and yoga, you have the I Am CrossFit! It has the largest box in the area with 20,000 sq. ft., and it offers inter-member competitions, wherein members face off against one another and invites them to join dodgeball tournaments from time to time, is one of the best US Gyms!

You have just read the best gyms in America for every workout! Depending on your personality, fitness style and goals, you can start considering which among them could help you get the most of your training for the most satisfying results. Prior to engaging with any workouts offered by each fitness club mentioned here, consult your doctor for a thorough physical assessment for safety. May you achieve the best body, strength, agility and balance, among other visions that you have for yourself by enrolling at any of the fitness and health clubs listed above.