The Hottest New Fitness Trends for Summer 2015

The Hottest New Fitness Trends for Summer 2015

What are the hottest fitness trends in town?

As you may already know, fitness trends come and go, but let’s admit that they make sweating a little bit more exciting because they usually bring something new to the table. There are so many physical activities to choose from, so there is really no excuse for not working out, no matter how much time you can or can’t spare for it.

You can check out this post to learn some different types of exercises (to nix the boredom and liven up your physical activities) to burn those extra calories, build a strong physique and be healthy. And if you feel your schedule does not permit you to work out for an hour, then you can choose from the new fitness trends in which activities you can do for about ten or five minutes or so to help you harvest the full benefits of staying active and being fit.

Aerial yoga: Popularized by many celebrities performing antigravity fitness, aerial yoga is a trend not to miss out. claimed that antigravity yoga was the new kind of fitness invented by Christopher Harrison, a former Broadway choreographer and gymnast involving a series of routines inspired by calisthenics, yoga, acrobatics and Pilates and usually done in a hammock-like apparatus for achieving a total body workout. Using a circus hammock in teaching movements to students, postures are created to provide better understanding about and achieving the purpose of traditional and advanced yoga postures.

If you want to do yoga with a twist, never think twice enrolling in a nearby aerial fitness center with a good instructor to improve health, achieve body reactivation, get a total body workout, develop psychological outlook (making it more positive), uplift spirituality and develop new body skills.


Kid’s Triathlon: This is a growing fitness trend, wherein you will see children putting on their shoes, clothes and bike helmets, while soaking wet in their family pool. These kids are practicing or preparing for an emerging fitness trend, kid’s triathlon that is a growing fitness trend among both kids and adults. Gym owners everywhere are tailoring their youth programs in support of this growing trend!

Men's yoga is a rapidly growing trend!
Men’s yoga is a rapidly growing trend!

More macho and less mantra yoga for men (Broga): Men who want to experience yoga and harvest its benefits can now engage in yoga activities. Yoga, a 3,000-year old practice focusing on movement and breathing, is now made available for men. Broga is celebrating the physical over spirituality and strength combined with flexibility; in fact, experts said it could set men free to flex their tight hamstrings without them hearing invocations to deities of Hindu or feeling inept beside a woman twisted as if she were a pretzel. If you were someone who considers yourself athletic, you can be flexible and fit without feeling embarrassed in front of a group of women doing yoga with this new fitness trend of Broga.

Water cycling: Aqua Studio NY said that the body is made up with 60 percent water and that it’s a natural, organic element. In return, water cycling will let you find yourself, it added, because you are able to go back to your origin. It does shape your body in a more efficient way, protecting health, improving energy and enhancing bone structure, muscles and joints. You will also feel energized! Other benefits of water cycling include better workout with less joint impact, better sleep and less stress and improvement of cardiovascular endurance. If you were someone who wants to prevent muscle soreness but promote faster recovery and improve flexibility, then you may want to try water-cycling, one of the latest fitness trends that is here to stay.

Stationary surfing: You don’t have to hit the beach to surf, but go to an indoor stationary surfing gym in your community. Experiencing the same benefits you would get from real surfing (only without drowning, injuries or water mishaps), you can harvest great benefits from stationary surfing, same thing you would with real water surfing. Some of them include cardiovascular fitness and leg and core strength. You can also get rid of stress and relieve tension by feeling more relaxed and enjoying the activity. Come on and find a suitable fitness center to try fitness with stationary surfing!

Trampoline workouts: If you think you outgrew trampolines now that you are an adult, you have to think again. There are mini trampolines or rebounders to use for an emerging type of exercise, trampoline workouts! It’s cost-effective to start and all you need is buy a rebounder online or from a local fitness store. Without stressing your feet and lower limbs with jogging, rebounding may be for you; in fact, it is said to take out up to 80 percent stress your weight-bearing joints would suffer from with running.

Offering a multitude of benefits including an improved heart health, increased leg strength and easier than traditional aerobic activity, trampolining is one of the latest fitness crazes to enjoy. Now if you were already into a physically active lifestyle, you can add this fitness routine as an alternative when you feel bored of your traditional routines, but still experience the same fitness and health benefits trampoline rebounding can offer. So, what are you waiting for? Sculpt your abdominal muscles, legs, thighs and buttocks and improve overall fitness through trampolining today!

Competitive fitness: More on like developing your competitive skills, engaging in competitive fitness allows you to push yourself harder due to hunger to becoming the best among the rest. Probably the most important thing here is taking yourself out your comfort zone, preventing you from shrinking down into your little hole of ease that won’t allow you to grow! With competitive fitness classes participated by like-minded people who don’t only want to get back into shape but take their fitness a step further with competition, you can meet your fitness goals faster than you could ever imagined.

Exciting, trendy and a little bit more pleasurable than conventional fitness routines, these fitness trends to choose from will surely take your fitness to the next level, with a little more twist and fun to do, either with friends or family.