Different Results From Different Cardio Equipment

Different Results From Different Cardio Equipment

Treadmills at UGE
Treadmills at UGE

What do you need to know about cardio machines? Well, for starters, they all share one primary goal: raise your heart rate. An increased heart rate is indicative of several internal processes, but the results are an increased metabolic rate, weight loss, and increased endurance and stamina. No matter your goal, a healthier, stronger heart is always better, and cardio machines are the way to do just that.

Apart from an elevated heart rate, cardio machines force you to move large muscle groups, movement that requires a lot of oxygen. During cardio exercises done in any cardio units, oxygen is circulated throughout your body. And when your blood is pumping, your heart rate also rises in order to pump blood to the working muscles. But if you are overweight, your body’s extremities may be the first to get tired before your heart does. This can be resolved if you know about cardio machines and which among them is to use for your goals so that you can get the most of your exercise.

So, How Do You Find the Right Cardio Machine For You?

  1. Determine whether you enjoy using it or not. To get the most out of cardio vascular exercise, your heart rate must be elevated for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. To ensure that you workout for that long, it is a must that you enjoy using the cardio machine.
  2. Does it exacerbate any physical condition? Overusing a particular muscle group may lead to muscle imbalance, leading to issues with posture and with your core. For example, you should avoid using the stationary bike if you are sitting in front of the desk all day, and using the Stairmaster may not also be a good pick if you are suffering from a knee problem.
  3. Does the cardio machine meet your goals? If you are looking to burn fat or improve overall health condition, almost any cardio machines can help. On the other hand, if you’re goals are more performance oriented – run 5k or go on a 20 mile bike ride, you should use machines that are closely related to your goal activity.

A Few Choices on Cardio Machines

  1.  Treadmills are a very popular for cardio equipment for simulating jogging, running, or walking outdoors and some provide you with the incline (simulating hills) and speed you are looking for. There are types to offer 10 to 15 percent of incline and they have safety features, including side handles and auto stop switch (ensuring you do not get hurt using them). There are also models allowing you to have a safety strap around your sternum for sending your heart rate to the machine in order to monitor your heart rate.
  2. Incline trainers are basically treadmills that can be inclined past the usual, at about 15 percent up to 40 percent, increasing the intensity of cardio workouts and making the muscles used work harder. Having a maximum incline will help you to burn fat and calories than jogging or running using a lower incline. This type of cardio trainer may be suitable for people who do not like jogging or running and allow advanced trainers to work out using higher intensities to achieve their fitness results faster. They also target different muscle groups in the legs.
  3.  Recumbent stationary bikes are perfect for the lazy person who wants to do cardio workouts without any hassle. They can be used while watching TV or while talking over the phone. They can also be ideal for increasing heart rate and boosting calorie and fat burning results. You can use one of the hill profiles to get the most out of recumbent bike training and use the different interval programs for lowering or raising the resistance for periods of time. To get the most out of recumbent bikes, you should check and set up the pedal distance correctly. Remember that your legs should be at the full extension but that they are not locked out. When the pedals are too close, you are most likely to burn out the leg muscles than to increase your heart rate.
  4. Stairmasters or stair steppers are also great cardio machines that mimic climbing flights of stairs; it allows your body weight to push the steps down. When you increase the difficulty of the stair steps, remember that the steps will also fall faster, requiring you to step faster, too. You should use an interval program if you want to get the most out of a Stairmaster. However, you should avoid over-gripping the handles, which are only intended for keeping your balance. Now if you require support for your body weight, you have to lower the intensity level. Just as like with other cardio trainers, stepping machines will help you burn calories and improve your heart and lung function in a short period of time without the impact your leg muscles would meet by walking on rough or asphalt surfaces. The interval programs in the machine will work both your aerobic and anaerobic systems that as a result can produce major impact on your body’s metabolism.
  5. Adaptive motion trainers are somehow new in exercise innovation, and two brands known to produce them are TechnoGym and Precor. These machines represent the development of cardio machines and an upgrade of arc trainers and elliptical trainers with the movement freedom they provide. They can adapt the movement of the cardio exercise with your movements. However, these cardio sets are far more expensive than others we’ve mentioned above, although they are good in providing balance in workouts.

Cardio machines are designed and created to provide you with excellent cardiovascular training, without putting much impact on your leg muscles and joints. They can help you achieve your training goals, such as improving cardio health, losing weight and burning calorie and fat, but you should select the cardio trainer that can work based on your goals to get the most out of your workouts.

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