Preventive Maintenance: Saving You Piles of Cash from Injury Claims

Preventive Maintenance: Saving You Piles of Cash from Injury Claims

Overexercising is not always the cause of gym injuries, poorly-maintained equipment is just as responsible. Your members have chosen your gym because of their goals, including working on a beach body, losing a few pounds, training for sports or improving function, but certainly, getting injured is not one of these goals. As a fitness provider it is your responsibility that you’re providing your clients with safe, functional equipment.

Just imagine how much a gym accident costs, including hospitalization, medication and rehabilitative therapy of the injured party/member, and worst, the injury claims he/she will file against your business.

Accidents in Gyms are Commonplace when Equipment is Poorly Maintained – FACT

Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Facility Safe for Your Customers
Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Facility Safe for Your Customers

Also fact: People go the to the gym to meet their goals, be it to get (back) into shape, get their dream body, or improve their general health. They do not go to the gym in the hopes of getting injured. As a fitness provider you’re at financial risk regarding personal injury claims if any of your member are injured due to equipment negligence.

As you know, gyms have heavy equipment with moving parts that can cause cause serious harm – or in extreme cases, even death. And for the same reasons, gym owners like you should solve this problem before it arises, especially for the health and safety of your members. Of course, accidents do happen and injuries do occur, but especially when your equipment is faulty due to improper or poor maintenance.

When a member is injured in your gym, commonly they will file a compensation settlement, especially if the injury prevents them from working and/or paying their bills. Not to mention the astronomical medical bills. And when you have to settle for all these expenses and fees, you can just imagine how money is being consumed and how much its interrupting your normal operations. Additionally, attending to injury claims filed by an injured member can also put your business in a bad light if made public.

Bad Reputation Follows an Injury

In today’s digital world, it is so easy to post negative testimonials and reviews about a business—your gym business. An injured member can put up negative comments and feedbacks about your business on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. They can also upload photos of themselves in their injured condition. They can also spread the word about this accident to their friends, relatives and colleagues—bad publicity—about your business. They can, therefore, discourage potential members from using your gym due to improperly working gym equipment.

How to Avoid a Bad Reputation through Preventive Maintenance on Equipment

Gym machines, by nature, receive a lot of pressure and stress due to heavy use and as time goes by also suffer from wear and tear and malfunctioning parts, including cables, wobbly seats and dusty motors. With the strenuous use and constant putting of force onto them, gym equipment commonly malfunctions, increasing the chances of your members getting injuries. In this case, you might be putting yourself into the trouble of paying for compensation when one of them is injured due to gym machines. You can avoid all these if you would consider regular maintenance on gym equipment.

General Tips on Preventive Maintenance

1. Read the owner’s manual completely and have it accessible all the time. Some procedures will include maintenance recommendations on every machine.

2. Keep the unit clean by wiping dirt and sweat regularly. You should wipe down the machine using cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner.

3. The area where the machines are placed should also be kept clean, so make sure to clean and vacuum the floor around treadmills, ellipticals and so on. You should also vacuum under the motor cover.

4. Do not replace the parts yourself, but hire an experienced technician to do it for you.

5. You can also decrease the friction by lubricating certain parts of the machine because friction can affect the performance of moving parts. In fact, it can also cause overheating that does significant damage to the machine.

6. You should clean all the frames of your strength equipment and make sure that the bolts and screws are tight. Additionally, you should see that the cable is working properly to avoid member accident.

7. You should have a preventive maintenance schedule ready so that maintenance can be performed on a regular basis. We can help!

Preventive Maintenance at UGE

If you need help on preventive maintenance of gym equipment, you need not look any further. Our company specializes in providing maintenance services to our customers nationwide. We have a team to oversee every aspect of preventive maintenance your gym equipment needs, especially if the machines you bought are from us. We have been servicing many gyms in the area for years, and not only supplying them with quality used gym units, including plate-loaded, selectorized and free weights.

At, you can be sure that you are not only buying quality remanufactured gym units, but you can also depend on us in terms of keeping your units at top peak working conditions all the time. You can talk to us about your desired maintenance schedule so that you can keep your gym business going smoothly without having to worry about member accidents from malfunctioning gym machine parts. We can attend to the preventive maintenance of all kinds of used gym equipment.

We have an expert team of technicians in place and assigned per area so you won’t have to worry about finding technicians to repair or maintain your gym units all the time. We are your one-stop source of products and services in the gym industry. UGE is a proven source of high quality remanufactured gym products and preventive maintenance services. We can help you devise a maintenance plan so that you can attend to other important business matters. Talk to us about your preferred maintenance schedule and we’ll be more than happy to discuss all these with you.

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