Branding a Gym Business

People purchase based on emotion.

That’s why there are things like compulsive buying, brand loyalty and so on. That’s why your brand, the kind of image you are portraying to your clients, is so important.

What does the name of your health club conjure in the minds of your potential clients? Is it positive or negative? There is a clear difference in the recollection of the business’ name; in shorty, a good name earns patrons and a bad name – or a name that conjures negative concepts in the minds, prevents.

So to start right, start building a good brand name/image for your health club at the outset. With a positive and cohesive company image or brand being put forward, the customer’s experience will affect their spending habits, in regards to classes and memberships. To get things working, you should establish a good brand image, which boils down to establishing a trustworthy name, with the image of a reputable health club where they can train and get the most out of their membership.

Marketing and eventually developing a reputation for your gym isn’t as simple as sending out emails, posting banners and handing out brochures and flyers. Marketing, in simple terms, never stops.

And here’s the thing. It is never a secret that good branding holds the key to generating you more business, so achieving a great – certainly, more than an average brand – is paramount.

For one, you should be consistent and that starts by establishing clear expectations between you and your clients. Then, deliver consistently. Never fail your target market. Following that, you should remain genuine, along with your products and services, so that you can forge a mutual trusting relationship. Break it and your business will suffer big time. Cultivate it and you earn brand loyalty – a customer for life.

Along the goal of remaining authentic, you should be someone relatable if you’re attempting to connect with people. They will be able to trust your brand if you know how to share their problems, showing them empathy and reflecting some common values. And that takes us to step one: Consistency in delivering them excellent results, as what you have envisioned from the very beginning.

You might be asking, “Why?” As we’ve said, people buy based on their emotions, and so what is their perception of your health club to buy its services? This is something controllable with a branded image. And to identify it, consider how you are different from your competitors in the industry. What do you have to give that they don’t or what do you promote that they don’t promote. Let’s say, you have a swimming pool, free weights, senior and disable accessibility and features or you offer leagues, classes, tournaments, a spa, personal training and all other features you do already have that your competitors don’t. Don’t hide your advantages. Promote them.

Determine and understand both your benefits and features to offer members. Never wait until they discover it themselves or worse they will never. Pick the most significant features that separate you from the rest of the competition and capitalize on that–Is it accessibility or freedom, for instance?

And then, assess the motivation of your members. Why would they choose your health club and not another? Once you have determined and evaluated your benefits, features and member motivation, pick a single most significant theme that reflects and represents who you are, how you do it and what you do.

But winning new members isn’t exactly about pleasing everyone, but you have to focus on your demographic than spreading your effort to a big one that you might not be able to win had you been specializing on a specific service that you want to use as the biggest factor for people to choosing your gym. For example, you cannot target people into yoga if you are not offering it in the first place, and same thing you cannot target Olympians if you are specializing on aerobic classes. You get the point, don’t you? Instead of targeting the general audience, market on the real people who will invest on your gym, buy membership, train there and refer their colleagues had they found you consistent and effective in delivering them their target results.

This leads us to the next section.

Decide who you want your health club to cater to because you cannot really win everyone in this very saturated fitness world unless you work towards standing out on what makes you the best in your specific category (e.g. bodybuilding, aerobics, Pilates, Cross fit…). So without putting much emphasis, you should attract serious customers who may be interested to train in your gym, such as equally serious bodybuilders who want to bulk up in your bodybuilding gym should you be specializing in that category. Once you have established a clear picture of who to market and serve, you can start defining your imagery and language to speak and market directly to these fitness seekers.

Following determination of the clear picture and profile of your customers, start developing a strong voice that will convey their needs and will show them you are the right choice. Use appropriate language along these lines in your marketing and promotion materials starting from the slogan and mottos to all your advertising and promotional tools. Again, be consistent, stick with this voice and stand by it.

After, choose the right name for your gym, something very important, too, as customers will have an image in their minds from the first time they hear it. To come up with an effective name, make sure that it reflects the correct philosophy and aesthetics of what your gym offers. Alternatively, pick a name to appeal and speak the services of your health club, and some factors to selecting a gym name include uniqueness and easy pronunciation. And speaking of a name, a name is not a name at all if you don’t have a LOGO that goes along with your name. If you’re successful on it, you will see people proudly promoting your gym, especially if your logo appears on their shirts and bumper stickers (a promotion strategy, too).

Finally, market your business by setting up flyers and banners in establishments where your niche audiences are, such as sporting goods stores and organic groceries for example. You can also make use of social media to trumpet your business and build your brand. You may also start setting up a blog to establish an authority in your niche, share something helpful to your target market and post informative tutorials and guides for that matter.

Certainly, building a gym brand isn’t easy, but at least you have to start somewhere to achieve your goals of building not only a good name for your business but also building a gym community where everyone is happy—all because of your consistency, reliability and authenticity of feeling their needs and delivering such 24/7.

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