What You Need To Consider When Buying Equipment For A Health Club

Buying Gym Equipment for a Health Club

You’ve figured out the location for the gym and bought or leased the space. Now, you’re thinking what to furnish it with. There are just too many options on the market, and with more than hundreds of choices, you might be feeling overwhelmed; that you cannot decide well on the kind of equipment you’re getting for this center. Check out the following tips we’ve compiled to help you in selecting the right gym machines.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Gym Equipment


  1. Determine limitations in space.  According to experts, a big amount of space is taken up by offices, lobbies, utility rooms, bathrooms and other features. So, how much is the total space have you left for equipment, once all the logistical areas are taken care of?
  2. Come up with an equipment mix. Once you have determined your gym’s space for equipment, you can consider the types of machines to furnish it with, including cardio equipment, strength and group exercise equipment, as well as free weights. Focusing too narrowly on any of these facets will alienate a type of gym goer.
  3. And when it comes to financing gym machines, each gym varies due to their unique, specific needs. Considering your situation, you should determine whether you are buying or leasing gym machines.  In regards to leasing, it means that you can change them over a couple of years to keep them updated with the latest training units on the market.
  4. You can start visualizing your gym once you have an idea of what machines to equip it with, and if you need assistance, we at UGE can help you determine the fitness machines with your space, budget and gym design in mind. We offer you a plenty of options when it comes to training units to choose from, whether you are a franchisee, an independent gym owner or a national gym administrator. We can help you start your gym from scratch. At UGE, we can also help you select the gym you are looking to have with a specific plan, which you can discuss with us. You can browse from more than hundreds of machines our 120,000 square feet of facility displays, letting you discover potential ways from which you can arrange your health club.
Health Clubs Require High Quality, Commercial Equipment

On the other hand, you can also buy the gym equipment outright, which means they are yours and that they are your assets that you can sell later. For example if you need to upgrade equipment, you can sell the used gym equipment to buyers who are also planning to start a gym or to companies buying them to sell to other customers whose needs of units match with the equipment you are selling.

 If you decide to buy the equipment in lieu of a leasing program, you can also put into consideration buying new or refurbished/remanufactured gym equipment. By choosing the first option, you may have to invest heavily using much of your capital by buying new gym machines. Alternatively, you can buy used gym machines from reliable sources, like UsedGymEquipment.com.

 In our company, we offer gym owners like you with flexibility; in fact, we’re the only gym source that offers a vast range of remanufactured, high quality training units at incredibly low prices. None of our competitors can beat our prices because we’ve mastered the art and science of remanufacturing gym machines, which we bought from commercial training facilities and gyms nationwide, and then remanufactured them to look brand new, passing the value we got to our customers like you.

 And because we aim long-term business relationship, we offer you with various affordable gym packages that you cannot find elsewhere. By taking a look at our ‘Deal of the Day’ and different gym packages, you can tell for yourself that we’re indeed a huge supplier of used gym equipment.  On top of that, we only carry the best brands in the industry, and some of these include Life Fitness, Precor and TechnoGym, among others.

Types of Used Gym Equipment to Buy


  1. Aerobic/cardio: Included here are stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers and stair steppers. When choosing, think of ease of use and safety for customers. Machines also have to be silent, smooth in movement and sturdy to keep up with heavy use. They must be bought from a source that can provide you with consulting via the web or over the phone, in case any technical issue arises, as well. Make sure to provide aerobic accessories as well, like yoga balls and stretching assists.
  2. Strength training: You have many options for this, and some may include simple benches and multi-purpose machines. You may also include free weights and a couple of training benches and racks to offer potential members with flexibility into using free weights and selectorized equipment. When buying used gym equipment, let’s say, you should get those solid and stable ones to avoid gym injuries. The supplier also has to provide consulting even after sales, especially when technical issues arise. A good place to start is a full circuit of selectorized equipment paired with a small free-weights section.
  3. Accessories: You can get dumbbells, barbells, Smith machines, benches and so on, but make sure that what you’re buying stable and sturdy ones, again, to prevent gym injuries. They should also be easy to use and that they are heavy duty so that you can get the most out of your investment without worrying about these accessories breaking easily.

There you have our tips on how to start a new gym from scratch as well as in furnishing it, either with new or remanufactured gym equipment. When furnishing a new gym, as said, you should be able to combine gym machines from a wide range of selection, including cardio, selectorized, free weights and accessories.   However, when choosing equipment, you should be able to find high quality units without breaking your bank. In the process, you will be able to establish and develop a gym and complete it in time without having to worry that you are missing an important component in your center.

And for that matter, we at the UsedGymEquipment.com are here to help.  You can call us up and discuss your specific needs with our expert team that is on standby to assist and guide you the best way we know. Should you need assistance in setting up your gym, give us a call at +1 (310) 638 4800 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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