Are You Prepared For The End Of Summer Rush?

End of Summer Gym Rush


It’s no secret that summer months are slow months in the fitness industry – and for a good reason too. Folk would rather be out enjoying the beautiful weather. Now the weather is cooling, summer vacations are ending, school is starting, and we’re going to see a huge flux in foot traffic in health clubs, fitness centers, and gyms nationwide. Many websites even reccomend end of summer as a good time to buy a membership! Example 1 / Example 2 Is your facility equipped to handle it?

Also worth mentioning is that New Year’s, and the accompanying explosion in membership sales, is right around the corner. If you don’t start to prepare now, by the time your club is being considered by potential members, your facilities will pale when compared your competitors – who are preparing for the new year – trust us.

Summer’s Over And It’s Time To Impress


SO – a lot of the members you haven’t been seeing over the summer are starting to walk through your doors again. It’s great to see familiar faces, but even better are the new faces they will be bringing with them – new friends they made over summer, colleagues who they’ve inspired to come with them, etc., and it’s up to you and your facilities to impress these newcomers enough to land the membership sale. There will be plenty of folk looking to get a start on next year’s summer body as well. The point is, you’re going to have an influx of driven and motivated potential members come through your doors. Are you prepared to help them succeed or are you going to let them go to your competitor?

Key Issues That May Need Your Attention:

  • Maintenance – it’s easy to let this slide during a slow summer, but cleanliness and functional equipment are ABSOLUTELY PARAMOUNT when it comes to landing new members.

  • Flooring – often overlooked are the small rips and terrors and the corners where it’s peeling up. Not only does this damage the aesthetic of your gym – and its level of professionalism – quite heavily, but they present a huge safety concern. Someone tripping might not be a big deal, but you can guarantee that it will be when the person tripping has 100lb dumbbells in each hand.

  • Free Weights
    Free Weights

    Lockers/Locker Rooms – Dirty locker rooms will lose you members faster than just about anything. No one wants to change and shower in a moldy and unkempt area. Make sure that your locker rooms are outfitted with all the necessary conveniences like benches, lockers and showers, and make sure that those things are all clean, orderly and functional.

  • Free Weights – It’s easy to take small changes for granted – like how over the last 15 years, bit by bit, your dumbbells have become so decrepit that no one in their right mind would consider using them. Make sure that your dumbbells, barbells, and plate weights all look clean and are organized and stored properly.

Don’t Let Them Say No


The short version here is that you just don’t want to give your potential members any reason to say no to your facility. You want to be ready with a warm reception and a professional, clean environment. They came to your gym – they’re already sold on the idea of improving themselves through a fitness membership, just do your due diligence and make sure that all your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted and the huge influx in member traffic could prove to be a huge benefit to you and your business!

How Can Help You Prepare?

  • Full Gym Solutions – From flooring to lockers, strength to cardio, has all the products you need to succeed in the fitness industry. We also offer leasing and maintenance solutions, so you know what we are 100% dedicated to providing our customers with every tool they need to flourish.

  • Custom Design Options
    Custom Design Options

    Custom Powdercoating and Upholstery – Standing out has never been easier! Make your customer more confident in you and your equipment by custom branding it to your brand! Through our customization options you can rest easy that your brand image blows the competition’s out of the water.

  • Custom Packages – With our cardio inventory chock full of the top brands and models, and with our industry-leading strength equipment inventory, you just KNOW that we’re equipped to give you what you need. Help us help you design a full, custom gym package! The right machines for the right needs, 100% designed.


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