Staying Fit This Fall

Staying Fit This Fall

Fall is the most beautiful season for outdoor exercise!
Fall is the most beautiful season for outdoor exercise!

Fall is the perfect season to prepare for winter fitness. Take advantage of fun exercises during this time so that you can look forward to a fit body during the holidays. More so, snow will be falling soon, inhibiting you from exercising outdoors. You can ramp up your exercise routine because fall is a transitional season to offer you relief from the heat of the summer and the chilling weather of winter. Get inspired with the fitness ideas we’re about to share below.

Fall Fitness Ideas

  1. Hiking: Enjoy clean and fresh air and the lovely foliage and nature. It does not matter where you’ll go, but more important is you enjoy the activity. Perhaps, you can take your dog with you, training both you and your pet. You can also hike with friends and loved ones. Also, outdoors activities like hiking and walking and/or jogging will expose you to the sun, allowing you to absorb rays for that vitally important vitamin D.
  2. Walking/jogging: If hiking is a little bit too much for you, seize the moment for walking, another amazing outdoor workout in which you are going to enjoy postcard perfect view with your BFF. Take a long walk as the sun sets. Going for a run, on the other hand, may be for you if you want a little bit more intense workout to burn fat off your body faster. Run with comfortable clothes and running shoes. You can try the local track or the park. Run and give your heart and lungs the perfect workout!
  3. Cycling: Walking, running or hiking is a great fall exercise idea, but another one not to leave out is hopping on and riding a bike. If you love the outdoors, then this may be a great option for you. Better yet, you can ride with friends and family members. Biking is also a good group activity to enjoy and a perfect meditative activity for your brain.
  4. Playing sports: No matter you are a male or a female, a sports game, such as football, is one of the best fall fitness activities to try. Enjoy it with a large group and experience a fun and rewarding workout.
  5. Skating: Fall invites for ice-skating as winter is showing up anytime. It is a fun and exciting activity and recreational sport that you can do with your loved ones and friends.

A Few More Fall Fitness Ideas

And since vacation is over and the old routine is back, you can make some changes by trying new exercise ideas for fall. Here are a couple of ideas that will keep you fit this fall.

One is virtual reality spinning, wherein a spinning class is leading the way. You can feel as if a still bike is actually taking you somewhere else in a very fast way while you are racing against time, all done at an HIIT pace.

Another idea is an outdoor boot camp that can target cardio and full body strength, allowing you to burn up to 472 calories per hour. This is famous is Boston, where boot camp classes abound in fall.

Playing golf, on the other hand, is for the enthusiasts who want to take advantage of picture perfect views while enjoying their favorite sport. This is a game to enjoy throughout fall.

Tips for a great fall workout

Autumn Weather Is Perfect For Exercise
Autumn Weather Is Perfect For Exercise

Take advantage of the cool weather! Activities, including pumpkin carving and apple picking as well as a lovely canopy of foliage are some inspirations that can make you feel good. Autumn is a great season for training in a cool temperature. A season to discover park trails and ideal sceneries when biking, rollerblading or walking, fall isn’t only the best season to lose weight but also to enjoy nature.

Supplement your outdoor exercises with home gym training. While outdoor exercises are big help in getting or staying fit in the autumn, results may not be enough during days when you don’t have the time to jog or run due to a busy schedule. But if you have a home gym, it does not matter.

With it, you can exercise anytime you want at the pace you want, too, no matter the time of the day or the weather outside. In the process, you will have no excuse not to exercise at all because cardio trainers, including a good treadmill and a few free weight tools, such as barbells and dumbbells are already in your home.

So if you were targeting a fitness goal before winter comes, gym training at home may be ideal for you, not mentioning that working out your abdominals with crunches, for instance, is something that you’ll achieve better with weightlifting, rather than running outdoors alone.

And with proper weightlifting form and technique, you will gain faster results, especially if you incorporate a planned diet with home gym training. And if you have a home gym, you can also run, walk or jog on a treadmill for a full cardio workout, which you get from the outdoors.

Drink water and keep your cells hydrated. Even if you think that, it’s not needed that much because the weather is cool, drinking much water helps in both appetite control and exercise recovery.

Skip the holiday candies: Along these lines, you should stay away from holiday candies and treats that can make you gain weight around the holidays, leading to obesity. Instead, pack healthy snacks that you can munch to prevent you from indulging on sweets, which abound this season.

You should exercise early in the day to avoid skipping it due to tiredness. Getting up early and spending at least 10 minutes to exercise daily is a great way to achieve results and that it gives you time later in the day to relax or rest.

There you have our fall fitness ideas to try in order to prepare yourself for the holidays and winter season when working out might be harder. Also, don’t forget about a couple of tips we’ve shared to make fall exercises effective for you. Should you need additional tips for fall workouts, feel free letting us know by dropping us a line or sending us an email. Our friendly and knowledgeable fitness staffs will get back to you. Now to set up a home gym in order to prepare for and exercise in the harsh weather conditions in winter, contact us at +1 (310) 638 4800 today!