Fitness Centers and Wellness in Multi Family Residential Complexes

In the past, gyms may have been a line item on a to do list for developers and property managers of residential complexes. With the rise in health and wellness trends, people are looking for a fitness center amenity that is well thought out and catered to their needs. In fact, 55% of possible residents would not lease in a building with no gym and 82% of renters are interested in the possibility of an onsite apartment fitness center. Millennials, fresh from universities and now looking to strike out in their own living spaces, have become accustomed to gyms with first rate facilities. Families are looking to model and import a lifestyle of health and activity. Even baby boomers approaching the golden years are looking to maintain a youthful outlook and appearance. The lifestyle needs of each group are centered around convenience, accessibility and time savings. When the onsite apartment gym is on par or better with outside local offerings without the added cost then residents will really see value in the living situation they have chosen.

Showcase Your Gym

Developers are now thinking of health and wellness as an integral part of the lifestyle their complexes provide and the image they convey. Many common areas are now being designed around the best positioning for the fitness center — high ceilings, proper lighting, windows and views. Common spaces create community and loyalty among residents. If renters have a fitness center that is enjoyable to socialize and join in, then a greater sense of camaraderie and satisfaction is created.

Design Your Gym

When designing the gym, think of 10 square feet per dwelling unit to achieve the appropriately sized gym for your residents. If a property is being redesigned to include a gym, think of possibly knocking walls down or creating an illusion of more space. Proper flooring throughout is required as well as a space for personal storage like lockers or cubbies. Mirrors enhance the space and provide opportunities to check proper form while working out. Technology offerings and televisions complete the space.

Diversify Your Gym

A gym must have designated areas for cardio and strength training. Proper name brand commercial grade equipment is the standard that your renters will expect. Diversified machines like treadmills, ellipticals and cycling bikes are what gym goers are accustomed to. The other popular workout machines people are looking for are strength equipment. These include free standing machines targeting specific muscle groups as well as a good display of free weights. Other typical areas may be for group classes with accessories like mats and light weights.

An open layout that is well thought out is what will differentiate and elevate your on site fitness center. The return on investment on an apartment gym is one that is realized in the loyalty of residents and the value of the property.