UAE Fitness Trends

Not unlike many other countries worldwide, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is struggling with obesity and the health problems that arise alongside it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of men and 67% of women in the UAE are currently overweight. Conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Auto Immune Diseases are on the rise and afflicting sufferers at younger ages. While medicine can mask the symptoms, better lifestyle choices are needed to change the population’s health outlook.

Thankfully and hopefully as an antidote, the Middle East has now become a hotbed for wellness and training methods. In the UAE specifically, trends have shown the following types of workouts to be immensely popular:

1. Hybrid Workouts 

Have you tried HIIT Yoga or Aqua Spin? How about Piloxing (Pilates Boxing)? These types of classes offer people the opportunity to train in two disciplines at once, often combining mind and body with cardio and strength. The gym equipment is often used in innovative ways that keep the workouts exciting and challenging.

2. Boxing 

Boxing is a great way to improve coordination and target fast switch muscles. With the addition of free weights, these classes can target many muscle groups while injecting a big dose of fun.

3. Personal Training 

Since 2017, the popularity of personal training has been rising in the Middle East. The individualized touch and attention to detail are huge draw, especially to those with health concerns or specific goals in mind. A personal trainer can explain the proper use of both cardio equipment and strength machines at a fitness center. They can recommend the proper pace and weight for your fitness level and set you on the course to looking and feeling your best, all while checking in and making adjustments along the way.

4. Functional Training 

Functional training focuses on working out your body so that it performs optimally in real life. The camaraderie pushes gym goers forward to meet their goals and keep showing up. Essential equipment includes kettle bells, free weights and a multi station rig.

5. Group Classes

Classes that combine cardio and strength moves are a great way to get a full workout in. Some classes start with a few minutes on a treadmill or rower and then move to benches and free weights or kettle bells on the floor. Studies show that group classes can help exercisers reach their goals quicker.

Combined with proper diet, attending a fitness center can help the UAE trim its obesity problems. With many happy clients across the Middle East, let us help you be part of the growing fitness trends around the Middle East.