Upgrading Your Fitness Center? We Are the Go-To Source

Upgrade Fitness Center with Used Gym Equipment

Commercial gym equipment must withstand rigorous use many times a day for years to come. This level of use demands sturdy and quality machines. The costs can be prohibitively expensive for a new fitness center, replacing existing equipment, upgrading, or expanding a facility. Those reasons alone are a powerful incentive for decision makers to seriously consider the cost-effective solution of investing in top notch refurbished, remanufactured, used gym equipment.

Don’t’ Cut Corners on Quality

We are all cost-conscious. Whether you are starting a new fitness center, replacing worn equipment, or expanding your established facility, there is an instinctive desire to minimize the cost. You’ve probably compared the cost of new top-quality equipment to lower quality equipment and found that new top-end equipment easily costs two or three times more. Still, you hesitate to lower your standards by going with less durable and less dependable knockoffs. So, you’re left pondering the old adage that “quality doesn’t come cheap.” The alternative you should be pondering is how you can maintain your high standards with the highest quality of equipment at an affordable price. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing that cost-effective solution with high-quality refurbished used gym equipment.

Our world-class used gym equipment is refurbished to meet the strictest of standards. From cardio equipment to strength training machines, our remanufactured gym equipment is a reliable, affordable, and a secure way to outfit your gym facility with the best used gym equipment available.

For instance, in cardio equipment, we offer refurbished equipment in everything from ellipticals and cross trainers to exercise bikes to rowers and much more. These include top brands such as Precor, TRUE, StarTrac, and more with many different models to choose from.

The strength training category includes function training equipment, multi-stations, plate loaded, and everything else that you should expect. Again, you’ll find these in top-of-the-line brands like Hoist, CGS Signature Series, and Cybex. And of course, you have many different models to select from.

The constant pressure of feet on treadmills and weights lifted on and off racks requires durable and dependable equipment that stands up to years of daily use.

We also offer custom gym packages. We can custom remanufacture gym equipment in any color frame and color upholstery. We also source classic discontinued pieces from around the US to make your fitness center stand out from the rest.

At Used Gym Equipment, we have been fully dedicated to quality, value, service, and responsibility for over twenty years. We provide established gyms and new facilities with fully refurbished top-tier fitness machines. Unlike servicing or simply reupholstering used gym equipment, our precision processes are painstakingly thorough. Neither you nor your customers will be able to tell that our refurbished exercise equipment is used. As the only company in the world with the capability to do what we do, we want to give you an opportunity to learn more about our passion for the extensive, environmentally-friendly remanufactured gym equipment process.

For further information, questions or a quote please contact us at 310.638.4800 or visit www.UsedGymEquipment.com to learn more.