Incentives of Top-Quality Used Commercial Gym Equipment

Remanufactured Gym Equipment

Experience tells us that gym and fitness centers with good business practices will replace equipment soon after it begins showing signs of aging. However, business owners cannot afford to waste money on brand new equipment every time a piece of equipment shows the slightest sign of wear-and-tear. Nor do you need to buy brand new equipment; the solution to your problem is remanufactured used commercial gym equipment.

Remanufactured Used Gym Equipment

Happy customers are repeat customers. Happy customers not only keep coming back but they also tell friends and family how great their gym environment is. Remanufactured used gym equipment not only helps your bottom financial line but also adds to your top line. Remanufactured used gym equipment can save as much as 70% compared to buying brand new.

Still, this is only a small part of the many perks that come with remanufactured used fitness equipment and the benefits keep adding up…

  1. New equipment depreciates immediately! The first time someone uses a new piece of equipment, that piece is now considered used. It might seem like silly logic but the difference you pay for new equipment only benefits the initial use when compared to top notch, cost effective, used fitness equipment.
  2. Less maintenance and upkeep costs. This is a difference between remanufactured equipment and just plain worn equipment. You get “like new equipment” at the cost savings price of used gym equipment. We are the only company that replaces ALL WEAR PARTS during our remanufacturing process.
  3. Remanufactured equipment comes with a new warranty. We at, Used Gym Equipment, provide Extended Parts Replacement Warranties ranging from 12months, to 24 months, to 36 months. These cover most of the costly repairs you may encounter with your mechanical and electronic components, including motors, wires, switches, control panels, and motor control boards.
  4. Keep up with trends without breaking the bank. It’s always going to be considerably less expensive to purchase the latest equipment at used prices just a few months after a new trend hits the market. Your customers also demand a wide variety of equipment, otherwise, they would simply buy a home multi-station and be satisfied. People also know that a variety of equipment is better both physically and mentally. Remanufactured gym equipment offers the best of all worlds –meeting new trends and providing a change in variety at an affordable cost.
  5. Trade in your worn equipment for remanufactured equipment. Let’s keep adding to your cost savings. We buy used exercise equipment online from commercial fitness facilities. Our trade-in agreements make ideal reinvestment opportunities for any gym interested in making the jump to a bigger fitness facility. Contact us to get started now!
  6. Used gym equipment financing options. We offer financing to expand your existing fitness center or start a new gym. You can partner with us to navigate your gym financing or lease options to make the approval process as quick and seamless as possible.

Used Gym Equipment is About Quality

Commercial-grade exercise equipment is made to last. If it wasn’t, we would not be in business, successfully, since 1989. Because of our quality, we have been helping our customers put together incredible fitness facilities. Together, we make used commercial gym equipment a win-win for everyone!

Now you know most of the many perks that come with remanufactured used gym equipment. For even more in-depth information about our fitness equipment, please contact Used Gym Equipment at 310.638.4800 or visit for further information.