Remanufactured Used Gym Equipment is About Quality

Quality Remanufactured Used Gym Equipment

Selecting the right commercial fitness equipment is essential when developing or upgrading any type of fitness center. The first step is defining the type of facility that you will be outfitting with used gym equipment. The most common facilities include health clubs, corporate wellness centers, indoor cycle studios, hotels, private fitness centers, and fully outfitted home gyms. Commercial used gym equipment is intended to be utilized by many people, with multiple purposes, and countless times per day. Hence, why quality is of utmost importance.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but the basics include that the equipment must be durable, easy to use, and safe for all skill levels. Our professional representatives are here to assist and guide throughout your selection process.

At Used Gym Equipment, we provide – remanufactured gym equipment made to look and work like new from your favorite and widely recognized fitness brands.

For your commercialcardio needs:

For your commercial strength needs:

Keep in mind that a comfortable and safe workout environment includes sufficient space around the equipment and proper gym flooring. You’ll determine the best use of your fitness space, but a starting point is around 47% strength equipment, 33% cardio machines, and 20% group exercise.

We have an onsite 120,000 square foot remanufacturing facility to make your equipment look and work like new. With an accomplished background in the industry, we can anticipate your needs and work with you to build the best gym that suits your vision in a cost-effective way.

Our commercial-grade exercise equipment is made to last. Due to the workmanship and quality we provide, we have been helping our customers put together incredible fitness facilities since 1989. For further information about our fitness equipment and/or services, please contact Used Gym Equipment at 310.638.4800 or visit to learn more.