The Benefits of Having an Office Fitness Center

The Benefits of Having an Office Fitness Center

As a business owner or manager, you have a stake in your employees’ health and well-being. When your employees are fit to work, they’re more engaged, focused, and positive. A great office fitness space is both an innovative and cost-effective solution to many of the challenges facing businesses today. We have low cost, state-of-the-art fitness equipment to motivate your employees to start or end their day in a healthy and productive manner.

Cardio equipment is usually default equipment for most office gyms, but don’t assume you’re locked into only those. There are many other types of cardio equipment that take up less space, and cost a lot less. They include:


  • Treadmills are good for weight loss, heart health, and muscle tone. These are some of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment because they provide a wide range of benefits, both from a health and practical standpoint.
  • Ellipticals and Cross trainers vary the intensity of workouts to prevent injuries while becoming stronger and remain a fundamental piece of equipment for long-term enthusiasts.
  • Exercise Bikes get the heart pumping with a low-impact workout that strengthens legs and lower body muscles while burning fat.
  • Group Exercise Bikes are a fantastic way to get fit and stay fit in an encouraging and energetic atmosphere.Individuals use adjustable levels of resistance to exercise at their own pace. With group camaraderie, individuals build strength and fitness in a comfortable setting.
  • Steppers and Climbers get the heart and lungs working by providing an aerobic workout for improved cardiovascular health and increased endurance. Aerobic exercise boosts the immune system, helps control blood glucose levels, and creates a sense of well-being.
  • Rowers are a terrific way to boost cardiovascular health while giving a total-body workout that strengthens major muscle groups in the arms, legs, and core. It’s both cardio and strength training all in one as well as good for all fitness levels.
  • Sauna – a 25-minute session helps the heart in a similar way that a moderate-intensity exercise session does. It helps reduce arterial stiffness, modulates the autonomic nervous system, and brings beneficial changes in circulating lipid profiles. Probably the easiest to understand is the lowering of systemic blood pressure.

Strength training is not just for bodybuilders. Regular strength training is good for people of all ages and fitness levels to help prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass that comes with aging. It is also helpful to people with chronic health conditions, like obesity, arthritis, and heart conditions. The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least twice per week as part of an overall exercise routine.

functional training

  • Selectorized weight training equipment offers options for all users. Selectable machine settings are non-intimidating, easy to use, and mechanically precise. Selectorized equipment has been an integral part of strength programming for decades.
  • Plate Loaded equipment uses conventional plates to deliver serious muscle-building benefits. They are built to withstand the toughest and most intense workouts but are easily loaded for light workouts. Plate loaded machines are safe, easy to use, and cost effective.
  • Multi-Stations are several different weight machines in one. These allow individuals to perform many exercises on a single piece of equipment. Some stations offer seven basic exercises – chest presses, assisted chin-ups, leg presses, leg curls, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises.
  • Benches and Racks are heavy-duty, versatile, and great for working several muscle groups at once. Not only are these good for compound exercises, but individuals also get more out of the time spent training.
  • Functional Training focuses on strength development in patterns that help people perform activities in everyday life more easily. It exercises several muscles and joints together.
  • Free weights allow for much more specific training than machines as free-weights don’t restrict movement. Lifting weights increase muscle size, strength, power, endurance, and improves balance. It also burns calories and increases bone density.

Wellness centers promote positive social interactions, boost team cohesion, and improve engagement. Healthier employees result in more productivity, lower health care costs, and increased overall employee satisfaction, fulfillment, and contentment.

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