Why Investing in Used Gym Equipment is Your Best Decision

Investing in Used Gym Equipment

Whether you have been in business for decades or will be launching your fitness center in the near future, how you outfit your gym is a crucial decision to both your facility’s identity and success. When it comes to top-grade equipment purchases, new prospects expect it, existing members request it, and staff is all for it, but owners often resist it. Complicating the decision is the prohibitive cost for brand-new equipment. Simplifying your decision is where high-quality remanufactured used gym equipment comes in! Let’s take a look how top notch used gym equipment provides:

  1. The Newest Technology

    To attract new members while keeping existing members and staff you must provide well-maintained equipment and upgrade the technology on a regular schedule. Today, consoles integrated into the equipment must provide wireless unique workouts (features like the workout of the day and favorite workouts), entertainment, and communication tools. At the same time, the equipment must keep the person’s head, neck, and shoulders in an upright and natural position, to make their exercise experience as comfortable as possible. What may be a pleasant surprise to you is that this technology is available with this state of the art used gym equipment the Precor EFX 8653 Elliptical with Converging CrossRamp with P62 Console.

  2. To Capture and Share Usable Data

    As a business owner, you are also able to easily track maintenance needs with more efficiency.
    Up-to-date equipment increases your member data collection as well as asset management statistics. This can include member usage/performance.The customer benefits are keeping track of their fitness activity while keeping them loyal to a machine that “knows” them.

  3. Establishes Brand Foundation

    Let your members and prospects know that your facility provides the best workout experience. Older equipment has a worn and stale look every time someone walks in the door. The sight of an “Out of Order” sign is a major turnoff. Money spent on constant repairs is better spent on fresh and fully remanufactured used gym equipment.

  4. Keeps Up with Trends

    Reinvesting in equipment is an absolute necessity in the fitness business. This is a dynamic and fluid business where training systems and consumer tastes change more quickly than ever. But it goes further than that because today’s members demand new experiences to keep them motivated and coming back time and again. For instance, research shows that Climbers have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years.

Our equipment covers all the reasons that excite new prospects, existing members, and your staff about up-to-date equipment. It starts with the most reliable used gym equipment like Precor, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Matrix, Hoist that ultimately supports your bottom line.

Commercial used gym equipment is about quality. Our commercial-grade exercise equipment is made to last. We have been helping our customers put together incredible fitness facilities since 1989. To learn more about our products and services and how we can help you create a state of the art and cost-effective fitness center please visit www.UsedGymEquipment.com or call 310.638.4800 with any inquiries.

Together, we make used gym equipment a win-win for everyone!