Top 3 Reliable Machines Every Gym Needs at an Affordable Cost

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In order to sustain a successful fitness center, one has to invest in the right types of equipment.Let’s take a look at our top three most reliable gym equipment for your consideration.

#1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Precor EFX 863 Elliptical with Converging CrossRamp with P62 Console
Elliptical cross trainers of all types offer a safe and effective way to tone the overall body and help improve one’s heart and lung capacity.

The love for these machines starts with the stride length adjustment, the heads-up easy to read display, selectable programmed workouts, handlebar-mounted heart rate sensors, and the user-friendly console. When researching cross trainers, carefully consider the ones that operate without any noise and require little to no maintenance that will improve the ambiance of your facility and further reduce repair costs.

The Precor EFX 863 Elliptical with Converging CrossRamp with P62 Console is the most used elliptical in the world. It mimics your body’s natural gliding motion by combining the industry’s only true incline capability with a biomechanical breakthrough not available on any other elliptical.

#2 Bikes

Star Trac S-UBX Upright Bike
Fitness enthusiast favor stationary bikes because it improves joint mobility, while still providing an excellent aerobic workout compared to other types of cardio equipment. Riding a stationary exercise bike is an efficient and effective way to burn calories and body fat while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. Exercise bikes play a vital role in boosting stamina. For the gym operator, it’s a popular piece of equipment that takes up a small amount of valuable floor space at an affordable cost.

The Star Trac S-UBX Upright Bike is an evolution of the award-winning design of the Star Trac family of cardio products.This Star Trac upright is designed to help members train smarter with more comfort. The S-UBX upright bike has an innovative new design for luxuriant comfort featuring a personal cooling fan, easy-up seat adjust, and dual-platform pedals with instinctive inline-skate style straps.

Appealing to every fitness level, are the 20 levels of resistance and the S Series entertainment system with 15-inch LCD and integrated TV tuners that any member can enjoy.

#3 Multi-Stations

Multi-stations please both gym owners and users alike because they provide a complete workout.Owners find further appeal in the fact that multi-station scan be used by multiple members at the same time.Multi-station equipment saves space while offering fully adjustable pads for every size user and a full range of motion exercise.This is the single piece of equipment needed for maximum versatility.

The Multi-station equipment is especially appealing to:

Hoist CMJ-6000 9 Station – Dual Pod
The Hoist CMJ-6000 9 Station – Dual Pod comes with multiple features so that all your members can use it comfortably. It has the unique one-handed Hi-Lo Station adjuster, along with an angled seat for proper alignment, and low step height for easy entry and exit on Low Row Station. It also integrates rock climbing holds to bring a distinctive exercise variation.

The workout stations are:

  • (2) CMJ-6101 Triceps Extension,
  • (2) CMJ-6175 Hi-Lo Pulley,
  • (2) CMJ-6201 Lat Pulldown,
  • (2) CMJ-6203 Low Row,
  • (1) CMJ-OPT-01 Cross Over Pull Up Station
  • (2) CMJ-CAGE Base Cage

Invest in Used Gym Equipment

Operating a successful gym requires the combination of exceeding the expectations of your membership and providing high quality, technologically advanced and long-lasting equipment.

Whether you are looking to expand your existing fitness center or start a new gym, Used Gym Equipment can help you reach your goal successfully. Over the years we have fostered longstanding relationships with the finance industry and have given them an understanding of our quality, process, aftercare, and warranty. They have vetted Used Gym Equipment as an economically discerning solution for the savvy gym owner looking to spend wisely compared to buying new gym equipment. We understand that fitness is not just your passion or lifestyle, it is your livelihood.

Remanufactured used gym equipment is about quality. Our commercial-grade exercise equipment is made to last. Since 1989, we have been helping our customers put together incredible fitness facilities.

To learn more about our products and services and how we can help you create a state of the art and cost-effective fitness center please visit or call 310.638.4800 with any inquiries.

Together, we make commercial used gym equipment a win-win for everyone!