Annual Reevaluation of Your Fitness Facility

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Once a year, typically when equipment leases or rentals are due, a reevaluation of the business equipment is part of a solid maintenance plan. It is more complex than machine maintenance but requires reevaluating the appropriateness of each piece of equipment. Is it still meeting your client’s needs? Is each piece used regularly by most clients? Is it beneficial or just taking up space?

A yearly reorganization of the tools used in your fitness business or garage gym benefits your business or personal goals in multiple ways. First and foremost, it communicates to your client base that you have them as your central point of interest. Soliciting input from clients about potential replacements or upgrades reinforces the personal bond a client experiences with a fitness facility.

What once started as a locally based Californian enterprise now has a global reach. Personal and corporate gyms ranging from a few garage machines to multi-fitness center resorts rely on Used Gym Equipment to create new workout venues and update existing ones.

Choosing the Right Gym Equipment

The same concepts apply to a gym start-up as to a yearly assessment of an established facility. The professionals at Used Gym Equipment have been advising on new set-up selections and yearly revisions for over 30 years.

Consider these factors when choosing gym equipment.

  • Utilize Your Space Wisely

    If space is not an issue, go with larger, free-standing machines. For example, an elliptical, stationary bike, or treadmill for warmups and cooldowns is optimal, but it requires space. If space is limited, incorporate dumbbells and resistance bands that require less space.

    The goal should be to meet as many fitness goals as possible, given the specific available square footage. It doesn’t have to be like inventing the wheel every time. A business like Used Gym Equipment provides sound recommendations utilizing time-tested experiences.

  • Spend Consciously

    According to the Global Health and Fitness Association, eighty-one percent of health and fitness establishments failed within the first year. So, when given a choice between “refurbished like-new” at a significant price reduction or “brand new,” potentially spreading finances thin – which makes the best business sense?

  • Quality

    Quality speaks for itself. Used Gym Equipment ensures 100% customer satisfaction. Trained technicians refurbish every “gently used” machine.

    Almost every fitness brand utilizes the primary colors of black, white, grey, and red. It will not be evident if every piece of equipment doesn’t match perfectly. The quality of each machine is what will be obvious.

  • Maintenance and Warranty

    When you purchase the equipment outright, it is yours. However, if the equipment malfunctions, it is your responsibility to assess, transport, repair, or replace it. The downtime of a single piece of equipment can significantly impact business in the short and long term.

    Used Gym Equipment offers a variety of purchase, lease, or rental plans with basic guarantees and extended warranty plans for purchase. Immediate replacement and repair ensure consistency and brand reliability.

  • Learn from Experience

    There is a lot to be said about learning from one’s mistakes. However, the learning curve should point in a successful direction. Thus,seek advice and guidance from experienced players in the industry.

“Think It, Feel It, Be It.” -Buddha

Many personal trainers incorporate active visualization during muscle reps. The mind-body connection allows focused results. The power of the mind concerning health and fitness has recently been a renewed focus of study. Business owners can and should apply the same concept to business success. A yearly evaluation of costs and returns can ensure another year of continued success.

Technology continues to push the boundaries of strength training. Keeping up to date in all aspects of fitness is part of the commitment a personal trainer or fitness studio manager accepts. Ongoing research into exercise physiology reveals new breakthroughs regularly. An annual review to ensure your client’s workouts have continued relevance in keeping your facility relevant and clientele.

UGE offers a full inventory of commercial used gym equipment available for your fitness facility. For further information and/or questions about our products and services please contact Used Gym Equipment at 310.638.4800 or visit to learn more.