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In 2019, before the Covid pandemic took hold, there were over 40,000 fitness centers licensed in the United States. By 2021, 22% had closed permanently. This number of business failures represented the industry’s 29.2 billion dollars in lost revenue. As the threat of infection has been relieved, and clients are returning to the gym, the challenge will be to keep quality fitness equipment updated and available after a prolonged period of financial depression.

Congratulations, to those who have survived the pandemic,and keeping afloat during the recent incredibly stressful and financially insecure times. Now it’s time to find ways to stay afloat and rebuild without jeopardizing critical funds. Let’s review the ways that Used Gym Equipment can assist in revamping your business without breaking the bank.

Experience and Quality

There are significant ways that Used Gym Equipment can assist gym managers, and fitness center owner’s recover and grow. Used Gym Equipment has been in the used commercial gym equipment business for over twenty years. Serving and networking within the global fitness community for such a long time has created an unequaled resource of knowledge and available equipment.

  • Experience

    There are enough unknowns in any business; the covid pandemic is a prime example. Working with an established company with extensive knowledge, experience and resources not only reduces the stress of the unknown, but is another tool for success. In an industry that has a 50% failure rate in the first year and a 22% failure rate overall from the recent pandemic, every penny conserved is catching up with the recent past deficit and insurance for the future.

  • Quality

    When Used Gym Equipment guarantees “like new condition,” they mean in both appearance and functionality. One result of good business dealings and networking over time is that Used Gym Equipment has nearly unlimited access to quality, gently used machines.

    Each piece is completely evaluated and refurbished by expertly trained technicians before being offered. In addition, Used Gym Equipment guarantees the highest quality for each piece along with long-term warranties for extended parts and labor.

  • No Risk

    The financing options available through Used Gym Equipment provide a risk-free alternative to buying outright. Click here for further information.

  • Easy Upgrades and Replacements

    A common practice among gym and fitness center owners is a yearly reevaluation of the equipment used on the gym floor. The timing of this annual check usually coincides with any lease or other contract renewal on the equipment. It is, however, recommended to do it annually regardless.

    Checking each piece to ensure it is functioning perfectly and performing routine maintenance is essential for the safety of your clients. Additionally, it is time to evaluate the demand for each item. If clients don’t use a piece of equipment enough to warrant the space it occupies, it is in your best interest to replace it with something that enhances your services and income.


Signing new clients is one thing; getting them into the gym regularly is another. The money saved by installing used gym equipment allows a broader budget to add additional machinery. A decisive motivating factor is the rotation of workout options. Multiple repetitions of the same limited equipment decrease interest.

Maintaining a professional relationship with Used Gym Equipment makes it easy to update equipment to suit changing needs. Thus, keeping your clients always eager to work out and stay healthy.


Ultimately, the end goal is the freedom to control the working parts of your business. Many gyms and fitness centers worldwide have relied on Used Gym Equipment to steer a steady course through all phases of business growth.

Our commercial-grade exercise equipment is made to last. Since 1989, we have been helping our customers put together incredible fitness facilities including garage gyms. Together, we make used gym equipment a win-win for everyone!

To learn more about our fitness products and services and how we can help you create a state of the art and cost-effective fitness center please visit www.UsedGymEquipment.com or call 310.638.4800 to schedule an appointment.