The Value of Used Gym Equipment for Your Fitness Facility

Used Gym Equipment

With over thirty years helping our clients with their fitness facilities, we have proven that buying used gym equipment is a safe and economically sound decision when outfitting or improving your gym’s services. Evaluation of each piece of apparatus is essential. However, most have no idea what to assess. Here are five factors to consider when purchasing or leasing commercial used gym equipment.

1. Excessive Wear

Look for cracks or rusted areas. Other defects may present as a misalignment front to back or side to side, indicating damage in handling or misuse.

Examine and test equipment of choice by expert technicians to ensure everything works properly. i.e. Gears, pulleys, and other components functioning freely but not loosely.

All equipment provided by Used Gym Equipment has been thoroughly evaluated and refurbished to “like-new” condition by highly trained, experienced technicians. Our 100% client satisfaction guarantee offers an additional layer of confidence. In the unlikely event a piece of equipment from Used Gym Equipment has any problem, repair or replacement is a phone call away. Downtime for that machine is minimized, which maximizes reputation and income.

2. Safety Features

Above functionality, safety is the most important factor when buying used gym equipment. Locate the emergency shutoff switches to be sure they are functioning correctly. Look at the electrical component box and wiring. Look for frayed or cracked wires or any other evidence of damage or prior manipulation. You should notice if the rubber or plastic parts of the equipment are not cracked or otherwise broken without excessive wear and tear. Iron barbells should never show any rust. Stationary bikes should pedal and stop easily.

The guarantee and available warranties that are available at Used Gym Equipment provide security for safe operation and peace of mind if any defects become apparent down the line.

3. Check the Warranty

Always check with the manufacturer to ensure if the used exercise equipment being considered has warranty and if yes, for how long, as most likely automatic warranty is not provided for certain equipment. This can be particularly important when obtaining used gym equipment online or from a private party, and it is essential for any high-end purchase.

Any purchase through Used Gym Equipment will have an extended warranty for parts and labor available. For rental and lease programs, a company may require a program. Used Gym Equipment ensures that every purchase, lease, or rental provides freedom from uncertainty. The less time spent on the equipment issues provides more time for clients and success.

4. Plan Before Buying

It is in your best interest to base specific gym equipment on their desired purpose and target usage. It is tempting to buy a piece of equipment simply because it looks good and is inexpensive. If clients do not utilize the equipment, it will ultimately become part of a loss.

A significant benefit to obtaining workout apparatus through a company like Used Gym Equipment is versatility and easy exchange. If a piece of equipment is not meeting your needs, you can easily replace it with a minimal financial penalty. And, with the extensive inventory, finding what does suit your needs is easy.

5. Brand Names

The opportunity to stock your gym space with brand-name equipment is a more accessible reality. If finances are a concern, consider short-term versus long-term costs. Un established electronic brands often are lower in quality and not as reliable long-term.

Used Gym Equipment is a Reputable Brand Known Worldwide

Our commercial-grade used exercise equipment is made to last. Since 1989, we have been helping our customers put together incredible fitness facilities including garage gyms. Together, we make used gym equipment a win-win for everyone!

To learn more about our products and services and how we can help you create a state of the art and cost-effective fitness center please visit or call 310.638.4800 to schedule an appointment.