How to Build A State of the Art Gym Today with Used Gym Equipment

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You should be thinking long-term when it comes to your health and fitness. Used Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym Adds Value to Your Life The cost savings are important, but the factors seriously multiply when you consider the value that a home gym can add. Starting by increasing the value of your home. Everything […]

Most Popular Types of Aerobic and Cardio Used Gym Equipment

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At Used Gym Equipment we carry commercial cardio equipment from all the top name brands like Life Fitness, Precor, StarTrac, Cybex and more. Used gym equipment costs do vary depending on if it is motorized, programmable, and has added features for measuring heart rate, calories burned, elapsed time, etc. What follows are some of the […]

A Buyer’s Guide to Used Gym Equipment

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User experience plays a critical role in any gym’s business and continuum. At the core of user experience is the equipment that you provide. Great gym equipment keeps customers happy and coming back. What it all comes down to it, you need the best equipment available to keep your customers satisfied. The cost-effective way for […]

Gyms as Community Hubs

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According to an Allied Market Research report, the global fitness equipment market size was $11.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $14.8 billion by 2028.This growth includes commercial gyms, health clubs, corporate office gyms, boutique fitness studios, hotel fitness centers, multi-tenant facilities, senior health centers, school gyms, and others.Not surprisingly, a different study […]

Top 3 Reliable Machines Every Gym Needs at an Affordable Cost

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In order to sustain a successful fitness center, one has to invest in the right types of equipment.Let’s take a look at our top three most reliable gym equipment for your consideration. #1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Elliptical cross trainers of all types offer a safe and effective way to tone the overall body and help […]

Why Investing in Used Gym Equipment is Your Best Decision

Investing in Used Gym Equipment

Whether you have been in business for decades or will be launching your fitness center in the near future, how you outfit your gym is a crucial decision to both your facility’s identity and success. When it comes to top-grade equipment purchases, new prospects expect it, existing members request it, and staff is all for […]

The Benefits of Having an Office Fitness Center

The Benefits of Having an Office Fitness Center

As a business owner or manager, you have a stake in your employees’ health and well-being. When your employees are fit to work, they’re more engaged, focused, and positive. A great office fitness space is both an innovative and cost-effective solution to many of the challenges facing businesses today. We have low cost, state-of-the-art fitness […]

High Quality Used Gym Equipment at a Fraction of Retail Price

High Quality Used Gym Equipment at a Fraction of Retail Price

Every fitness enthusiast and facility owner knows how costly new commercial-grade gym equipment is. If new was the only choice available, many facilities would be obsolete and in tatters after a few short years or forever in debt buying new equipment. The best cost-effective choice is buying used gym equipment that is on the same […]

Remanufactured Used Gym Equipment is About Quality

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Selecting the right commercial fitness equipment is essential when developing or upgrading any type of fitness center. The first step is defining the type of facility that you will be outfitting with used gym equipment. The most common facilities include health clubs, corporate wellness centers, indoor cycle studios, hotels, private fitness centers, and fully outfitted […]