Corporate Fitness Centers: Great Motivation Tools & Much More

Corporate fitness centers are not only a great way for employees to get in shape – they’re also the perfect motivation tool as well.

And if you work for an employer with a fitness center, consider yourself fortunate. Barely half of companies with “Wellness Programs” in place have on-site exercise facilities. In place of an actual corporate health club, gym membership discounts are sometimes offered.

fitness facilities enjoy a big advantage in terms of employee satisfaction, reduced healthcare costs and more. And here are some other factors:

They help reduce sick days – in more ways than one. Healthy employees are happy employees, and they’re less likely to call off sick. And the truly elite corporate fitness rooms (the ones that rival LA Fitness and other mega-centers) have such a variety of cardio and strength training equipment that employees actually look forward to arriving at the workplace.

Exercise is a great stimulant (for body and mind). And let’s be honest – endless hours in meetings or in front of the computer isn’t really fun. A quick workout at your employer’s fitness room helps break up the monotony of the day and gives you an “exercise buzz” that will get you through the rest of the day with ease!

They promote other healthy habits. Call it the “domino effect.” By joining and regularly using a corporate fitness center, the average employee is likely to continue positive lifestyle habits, at least in the short run. And maybe they’ll even stop those harmful ones. For example, a worker who would otherwise take a smoke break during lunch can now hit the exercise bike.

They’re great for networking and meeting new people. For larger firms, a corporate fitness center is the ideal environment to meet those folks from “the other side of the building.” And because of the relaxed & informal surroundings, you’ll be surprised at how many great ideas are just waiting to be discussed.

As a go-to provider of fitness equipment for exercise clubs and corporate fitness centers, Used Gym Equipment has witnessed these benefits first-hand.

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