Apartment Gyms and Remanufactured Equipment

Reasons to Get Remanufactured Fitness Equipment for an Apartment Gym

Fitness Center at Panorama Towers
Fitness Center at Panorama Towers

In this modern day, when everyone aspires for great fitness,

One really marketable feature an apartment or condominium complex can offer is the use of an apartment gym. It proves true, even in the busy urban areas of New York and Los Angeles. However, the problem remains that most tenants aren’t just looking for a treadmill or a few sets of weights tucked into the corner of a residential property’s basement, but something ‘more.’

If you own a residential complex and you want to establish the best apartment or condo gym, designating a special area where your tenants could perform their apartment gym workout and burn their muscles without having to leave and work out in a community gym is a must. Providing them with the opportunity to get a thorough workout in the comfort of their own block will not only entice a higher level of tenant, but also earn the loyalty of that tenant.

Doing this can be expensive, however using used fitness equipment can be a great way to save mountains of cash. Our refurbished machines at UsedGymEquipment.com are indistinguishable from the brand new model. Be it opening a new gym or upgrading an existing fitness center, you know we’ve got your back.

Why Remanufactured Gym Equipment

Deciding to buy used gym equipment might the decision that saves you piles of money while offering long-term benefits for you and your residents. First is that used apartment gym machines come from other commercial fitness facilities, meaning these pieces of equipment are high quality and appropriate to install in a high traffic workout area.

And being remanufactured means that they work as if new because they’re recreated to function as new machines, the only difference is that they don’t cost as much. In this case, you can easily furnish an entire residential gym because you can buy almost all the pieces you need without having to shell out another property’s value to get it. It is possible to furnish your whole gym by buying used fitness equipment, especially by getting it from a trusted used gym machine source, like us.

Because we offer virtually all types of remanufactured pieces, furnishings and tools, you can be rest assured of the availability and low cost. We also offer huge discounts on bulk orders. We provide you with a ready source of equipment based on your gym’s needs and requirements, often configuring custom packages and setups to meet the specific needs of our clients. Jungle Gyms and Multi-Stations are often provided, completely remanufactured, to maximize the square footage of your specific layout.

And part of buying refurbished gym equipment is the inspection you may feel you need to perform in order to be confident in purchasing with us. No problem, as we invite and welcome you to visit our 130,000 square foot factory/warehouse where you could see the exact processes we do before shipping any remanufactured gym equipment, or posting it on this website.

The remanufacturing process starts with the mechanical procedure that includes replacing any wear parts, disassembling motor, cleaning every component or part and repacking new bearings for increased running life. And then UGE reassembles each machine to work in a perfect condition.

Next is the electrical aspect wherein we replace/repair all controllers and interfaces, as well as other electrical parts. Finally is the aesthetics where we custom powder paint the frame, replace upholstery and then restore all plastics through our dedicated department that ensures each machine comes out to the highest standards, as always expected by our customers.

After this remanufacturing process, every machine is inspected thoroughly and then sent to the diagnostics team that conducts heavy testing on all parts, and this includes testing electrical connections for function and integrity as well as inspecting and running of all alternators and motors that undergo stress tests. Once they are totally inspected and they have passed all the tests, they are packed carefully before shipping to any destination worldwide!

But these are not all we do! We provide a dedicated support staff for any of the questions you may have and we offer warranties on all of our remanufactured products. All in all, buying remanufactured gym equipment from UGE is one of the best decisions you can make because you can feel confident you are supported all the way to ensure your machines work at their best. We are committed to providing you with quality and valuable products and services, making us the top choice around the world in terms of quality refurbished gym equipment.

The best part is that we also carry the best of the best fitness brands (Life Fitness, Nautilus, Hammer Strength, Star Trac and so many more), so you don’t only get the best value deals in terms of remanufactured gym units, but you also get to furnish your condo gym with trusted brands included in a select gym package to get from us. In fact, you can also order a custom package, including machines from your favorite brand and with choice color, decal and specifications. All you need to do is to tell us about it and we’ll be happy to assist.

There you have a few good reasons to get refurbished gym units for your residential gym from UGE. Definitely, we got it all for you at everyday low prices you won’t find elsewhere. After furnishing your center with needed gym pieces, you can start drafting your very own apartment gym rules, inviting member/tenants and establishing a good name in the residential complex gym business.

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