What Are Free Weights?

What Are Free Weights?

Categorized as any type of resistance training equipment with which a trainee’s range of motion isn’t limited, free weights are beneficial for fitness seekers looking to build balance, flexibility, speed and strength; who are coming from all levels of experience, provided they train with the correc. They should, therefore, understand the functions and limitations of free weights workout.

Handheld and not associated with any selectorized machine, free weights include barbells, Kettlebells and dumbbells. These are used in weight training exercise programs, and by those who cannot afford to go to the gym  and so use free weights at home. Barbells and dumbbells have a fixed weight and come in varying weights and sizes to meet anyone’s needs. And then there are Olympic bars, allowing you to add or deduct more weight. Barbells have different lengths and can be used for a wide range of exercises, including squats, bench presses and curls.  Dumbbells are sold either in pairs or individually and are made to accommodate all fitness levels. They are made of metal and often come with or without coating, including neoprene or rubber. There are also adjustable models on these free weights for sale and they are more convenient, if you would be using them at home, where space is at a premium. They are great choices even for beginners.


Then, there are also medicine balls and Kettlebells. Featuring a slightly curved or a round body, Kettlebells usually come with a single handle and made with cast iron. Some of them have vinyl coating, making them easier for the hands, while some feature removable plates, allowing people to adjusting the total weight included. These free weights offer varying functional movements, including swings, lifts and presses, which are each designed to work specific muscle groups targeted. Being small and flexible kettlebell free weights are great to use in any small training space and by all training levels.

In case you are unaware yet, there are also wearable weights to use for resistance training, and some of them include weighted vests, wrist weights and ankle weights, which can be worn for increasing a workout’s intensity. In some models you will find individual weight packets usually filled with pellets or sand, which can be added or subtracted based on one’s goals and needs, most especially when one is looking to add challenge in workouts by adding in more resistance. These wearable free weights are usually kept in place with Velcro. If some weights are improperly positioned, they may slide, so these types of free weight tools should only be used by people already comfortable with resistance training.

Barbells come with varying handle bars, holding the weight plates together and in place for safety. These are used by fitness seekers who want to benefit from lifting more weight than what they can get for using only dumbbells. But if you would like to use them, you should be using a bench (free weights and bench) and should note they require more space. Nevertheless, barbell free weights can help you build strength fast.

But since we’re talking of free weights, we should also be discussing of benches and racks, which are integral components of resistance training with the use of free weights, such as barbells because they support and improve technique and let weightlifters exercise with weights heavier than they could otherwise manipulate. A specific free weight bench also helps you keep the right form and technique for balancing weight and engaging muscles. These benches are available in adjustable or fixed styles for helping you isolate varying muscle groups, perform strength training exercise and increase muscle coordination. There are also models that come with free weight storage options and support holders, among other options, for increasing workout versatility.


Most common types being fixed weight benches come with padded surfaces with a supporting metal base for giving a comfortable height and a stable position when working out. They can also be used in combination with other free weight benches on resistance exercises performed on a sitting position. Some examples of exercises to do on a fixed bench are front raises, lateral arm raises and triceps curls. Then there are adjustable benches with padded support and surface for adjusting the position, either to decreasing or increasing the bench’s angle for giving a wide range of workout options.

Then there are racks for allowing your lifters to store weights conveniently and safely, some gym additions not only to save space but also to protect your gym flooring and keep the quality of free weights. They are available in a wide range of choices, especially if you would be getting them at UGE. We offer varying configurations and designs to suit any gym’s needs and requirements and help them meet their members’ fitness goals, too.

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